Hypnosis is a state of mind or a set of attitudes, which is created by a special procedure that is followed. Characters on Arthur have been hypnotized, usually in a dream or daydream sequence.

Season 1

Buster's New Friend

Arthur thought Buster was being hypnotized into spending less time with him and more time with his new friend Mike.

D.W.'s Blankie

D.W. thought the dry cleaner machine hypnotized her into giving it her blankie.

Season 2

D.W.'s Name Game

I Enjoy Doing Your Chores

Arthur as the "obedient hypno-brother

D.W. imagined herself hypnotizing Arthur into becoming her "obedient hypno-brother" so he would be nice to her, giving her snacks and doing her chores.

Season 4

What's That Thing?

Francine used Mr. Ratburn's bobbin to hypnotize her cat Nemo, to be not afraid of water.

Season 8


The Tibbles told D.W. that anyone who heard her say the curse word would turn into her zombie servant. In a dream sequence, when she said the word at pre-school while the others were singing, Miss Morgan  turned around, supposedly hypnotized, and became one of D.W.'s zombie servants, obeying her commands.

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