Ivanna Starr
SirArthurtotheRescue - Ivanna Starr cheerful
Gender Female
Animal Rodent
Hair color Blonde
Job Soap opera actress
Book debut Sir Arthur to the Rescue
Ivanna Starr is a legendary soap opera actress. She directed a play for the Elwood City Children's Theater in the book Sir Arthur to the Rescue.


Miss Starr auditioned Prunella, Muffy, Arthur, Buster, and Binky for the cast in a production of the King Arthur legend. The most involvement with the play she was seen doing was telling Buster to work on his lines when he got one word wrong. She panicked briefly when Buster had stage fright, saying that he was ruining her production. At the curtain call, she went onstage with Buster, who was the star of the show, and blew kisses to the audience.


Ivanna Starr is demanding and does not like to waste time. She believes in the "no small parts, only small actors" philosophy. Miss Starr sees herself as fully responsible for how the play turns out and does not want any mistakes, in order that she can take full credit for a job well-done.


You with the glasses. I will hear you read now.

—Ivanna Starr to Arthur Read, Sir Arthur to the Rescue



  • Her name is an obvious wordplay on the phrase "I want a star."