"The name's Hound, James Hound."
– James Hound's catchphrase, "Arthur Makes a Movie"

James Hound
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Complexion Peach
Cartoon debut "Arthur Makes a Movie"

James Hound is a film series about a British secret agent. Arthur and his friends think the movies are really cool, despite the fact that they are not old enough to see the movies themselves as it is rated PG-13. Arthur and his friends, not being able to see it as they are too young, recreate the movie starring Arthur as James Hound.


The movie trailer that is seen at Loring Cinema in the beginning of

Rated PG-13.

AMAM before the movie D.W. chose was on.

Motorcycle Chase Scene

Jetpack Scene

The Love Scene


  • It is a parody of the James Bond film series.
  • This James Hound movie is rated PG-13, just like the recent James Bond films.

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