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James MacDonald
D.W. Bossy Boots 101
Age 4[1]
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Birthday March 22[1]
Complexion White
Residence MacDonalds' House, Elwood City
Family Mrs. MacDonald (mother)
Molly MacDonald (sister)
Myles MacDoogal (uncle)
Prudence (cousin)[2]
Chester (uncle)[2]
Myrtle (step-aunt)[2]
Unnamed second cousin[2]
Family relative
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voice actor Nicholas Wheeler-Hughes (s3 - s15),
John Flemming (s16 - 17),
Christian Distefano (s18 - present)
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James MacDonald[note 1] is a preschooler who attends the Elwood City Preschool, which is the same preschool that D.W. goes to. He and D.W. are also friends.

He has an older sister named Molly in the fourth grade who goes to Lakewood Elementary School. Unlike his older sister, James has a very kind and caring personality making him an easy target for being manipulated by the Tibble Twins.

Physical appearance

James wears a light green button down shirt with shorts. He also wears glasses and appears to be very clumsy in the episodes that he has appeared in.


  • In the episode "Arthur Makes Waves", James' mom is shown as a rat, even though Molly and James are rabbits. This has brought up the speculation they are adopted or their parents divorced and remarried, or like Emily - is mixed. This was further indicated in the "Last King of Lambland," when a rabbit was shown in Scotland and was James and Molly's uncle Miles.
  • In earlier episodes a rabbit similar to James (down to size, clothes, and even glasses) can be seen on the Mary Moo Cow TV show.
  • While James can be seen in earlier episodes his first speaking appearance and name-debut is not revealed until much later on the in the preschool year.
  • James was originally supposed to be named Jimmy, which was revealed in a model sheet for the preschool class.
  • James' trademark would be asking to go to the bathroom.
  • In Kiss and Tell, D.W.'s friend Emily said she was kissed by a French boy named Pierre, in which D.W. wanted to be kissed, too. She decided on kissing James (even though Emily said something bad would happen if she did), and tried several times, but failed. Finally, she told James that she wanted him to kiss her, and he kissed her on the cheek. D.W. seemed shocked after this, hinting that she might have feelings for James, and when Emily came to talk to her about it, Emily said that Pierre only kissed her on the hand, not the cheek.
  • In the episodes, "Night of the Tibble" and "D.W. Swims with the Fishes, James has a pillow on his bed saying "Far West".
  • In The Last Tough Customer, James was starting to become a bully because he saw his sister Molly act like that. After he yelled at Amanda, Molly told him that even though she bullied people it is not okay to act that way, and she told him to say sorry to Amanda.
  • During Career Day in "D.W. Aims High", he can be seen wearing a baseball cap and catcher's mitt, which suggests that he may want to play baseball when he grows up.


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  1. formerly Jimmy during early production (see File:Preschool Class Modelsheet.JPG)

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