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Jenna Morgan
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Age 8[1]
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Birthday January [2]
Residence Morgans' House, Elwood City
Family Mr. Morgan (father)
Mrs. Morgan (mother) grandfather
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Latest Appearance "Best Wishes"
Voice Actor Brigid Tierney
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Jenna Morgan is a 3rd grader in Mr. Ratburn's class. Although mostly used as a background character, she soon received several speaking roles, and eventually became a main character (similar to George).

Physical appearance

Jenna is a light or dark gray anthropomorphic cat. She wears a pink dress with white long socks and brown Mary Jane shoes.

Alternate apparel

  • her gym clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • Jenna wearing a karate uniform.
  • Jenna Good Dress
  • Jenna in her winter clothes walking with Muffy and Maria.
  • Jenna wearing her nightgown.
  • Jenna wearing the new uniforms.
  • Jenna in her ski uniform
  • at the party
  • Jacket
  • Another jacket
  • Jenna's yellow pajamas
  • Jenna's other gym clothes
  • Jenna's preschool clothes
  • Jenna's circus clothes
  • Jenna's fashion show clothes
  • Jenna's Indian clothes
  • Jenna's kindergarten clothes
  • Hiking clothes

In the summer Jenna wears a light blue t-shirt, pink overalls over her t-shirt, and light blue sandals. She is seen wearing a white-and-pink swimsuit in one episode. She also wears a pink nightgown sometimes with a white bedwetting alarm on her shoulder and pink slippers with a daisy design on it. in one episode she wore yellow pajamas.Jenna wears at pink t-shirt green shorts and white socks and black sneakers. When she was in preschool, she wore a pink art shirt with purple shots, teal pants, and blue one episode she wore white boots a pink scarf and surt and yellow sweater and yellow bangles on her right side and white bangels on the left and also an Indian purple and magenta and red trim and light yellow  dress with Indian hair piece. and in another episode she wore a lime green shirt and pink pants and a yellow shirt with red blue spots and pink pants with blue stars on it and green slipperiness one point she wore a yellow shirt and blue the play she wore a purple shirt and skirt and shoes.she also wear a blue and orange birthday hat.she wore a pink dress with a white trim and another episode she wore a red ribbon on her head yellow dress. she also wore a purple shirt blue shorts and marathon number on it. In the winter, she wore pink ear muffs, a pink scurf, dark blue winter jacket, yellow mittens, and long light green pants. She also wore a turquoise fancy dress and perhaps brown fancy shoes.she also wears a yellow hat , a pink and yellow jacket , blue jeans and red and white runners. she also has a pink backpack



Jenna lives with her father and mother who have been seen briefly throughout the series.

Mrs. Morgan- Jenna's mother who picks her up from school and helped sowed the cloths for the school play.

Mr. Morgan- Jenna's father who helps Jenna with her condition.

grandfather - mentioned in "Jenna's bedtime blues"


  • Binky Barnes - Probably the weirdest and most unique friendship in the entire Arthur show. In the episode "Muffy's New Best Friend", it showed Jenna and Binky playing soccer together. The episode also showed Jenna and Binky having the same taste in movies and help him with his allergies in Binky Goes Nuts.
  • Francine Frensky - Even though it seemed that Francine made Jenna feel guilty about the 'Athlete of the Year' award in The Good Sport (episode), in the end, Francine made up with Jenna. After that, Francine and Jenna became good friends. In Jenna's Bedtime Blues, Francine was even able to pull some strings to get Muffy to invite Jenna to her sleepover. Francine is also the only friend who knows Jenna's real secret that she wets the beds and understands because she to used to wet the bed.
  • George Lundgren- In "Buster Makes the Grade" Jenna was at the Sugar Bowl with George along with Alex. She also, at Muffy's sleepover, joked that she had a crush on George and in later seasons she is now seen with him.
  • Buster Baxter- In "Buster Makes The Grade" Jenna invites Buster to have an ice cream with her.
  • Alex- Jenna is seen with Alex in a number of episodes like "Buster Makes The Grade."
  • Maria- Jenna has been seen with Maria many times, especially in class together,even outside school
  • Helen- Jenna is seen with her in the library while they are reading Henry Skreever books to each other and talking about it.


  • Jenna hates hockey because she thinks it is dumb.
  • Jenna plays badminton and is the badminton champion.
  • Jenna helped coach pee-wee soccer.
  • Jenna's skin color is changing from gray to light brown.
  • Jenna won the athlete of the year award.
  • Jenna suffers from nocturnal enuresis, commonly known as bed-wetting, and often wears a diaper to bed, referred to as a "Pull-Up" (a take-off from Huggies Pull-Ups, but more based upon GoodNites to fit for her age)and is wear a bed wetting alarm.
  • Jenna is midfielder for the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team.
  • Jenna does skiing and in the dream she won a medal for down hill skiing
  • She is allergic to milk and eat ice cream with rice milk.
  • She spoke for the first time by saying "Hi, Buster. Come sit with us." in the episode "Buster Makes the Grade."
  • The last time she was heard speaking was the episode "Binky Goes Nuts."
    • She can be heard cheering with Sue Ellen in The Agent of Change.
    • In later seasons, Jenna has practically disappeared. While she is still frequently seen in the background, her talking roles have decreased significantly. In fact, since "Binky Goes Nuts", she has not spoken at all. This might mean that Jenna won't have any speaking roles in future seasons.
      • In the episode Through the Looking Glasses Arthur spoke to Jenna in the hallway at school making it the first time since Do You Speak George? Jenna has ever been talked to, referenced, or even mentioned.
      • In the episode Best Wishes it revealed that Jenna's bithday was in the winter months.


  1. Best Wishes 8 candles on her cake
  2. "Wishing for snow in January is like wishing for a pop quiz in Mr. Ratburn's class!"Binky Barnes, "Best Wishes"


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