This article is about Arthur's aunt. You may be looking for Jessica, the 3rd grader.
Aunt Jessica
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Orange
Family Richard (husband)
Cora (daughter)
Dave (father or father-in-law)
Jane Read (sister or sister-in-law)
David Read (brother-in-law)
Arthur Read (nephew)
D.W. Read (niece)
Kate Read (niece)
Fred (brother or brother-in-law)
Lucy (sister or sister-in-law)
Lucy's husband (brother-in-law)
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"
Voiced by Susan Glover(?)

Jessica is Arthur, D.W., and Kate's maternal aunt. She is married to Richard and has a daughter named Cora.


Jessica, Richard, and Cora stayed the night at Arthur's House to attend Aunt Lucy's wedding the next day. D.W. tried to put some makeup on Jessica's face, but accidentally gets it on her aunt's dress and Jessica shoos her out. "D.W. Thinks Big"

Mrs. Read mentioned Aunt Jessica as one of the people she was going to tell about D.W.'s green potato chip incident, before D.W. persuaded her to stop talking about it. "Revenge of the Chip"

Physical appearance

Jessica is an aardvark with a light tan complexion, short curly orange hair, and red lipstick. Although she is an aardvark, she has a Y-shaped rabbit's nose as opposed to two nostrils that aardvarks usually have.


Jessica spoils her daughter. She assumed D.W. broke Cora's locket and took Cora's side again when she refused to search for the lost ring because her dress would get dirty. "D.W. Thinks Big"