"Kiss and Tell"



Season/Series: 8
Number in season: 9B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States December 25, 2003[1]
Written by: Jacqui Deegan
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
Julian Harris
"Flea to Be You and Me"
"Big Horns George"

"Kiss and Tell" is the second half of the ninth episode in the eighth season of Arthur.


Emily returns from her summer vacation in Paris with the news that she was kissed by a boy, a story that makes D.W. jealous.


The episode begins with Emily is trying on a hat and asks D.W. if she likes it. D.W. says she does and says that it is okay. Then, Emily shows D.W. the French version of Tower of Cows. Emily said she and Pierre and played it for three whole hours. D.W. wanted to know who was Pierre. Emily already told D.W. about Pierre. Emily and Pierre played in tag along the Seine and hide and go seek in the Louvre. D.W told Emily that she, Tommy, and Timmy did cannonballs in the pool for four whole hours. Then D.W. said that one time Tommy got water up his nose. Then, Emily forgot to tell D.W. the best part. Emily said on her last night in France, Pierre kissed her. D.W. was grossed out and knew that she dared him to. But Emily said, they were at a marionette show and right when the baker was going to hit the bandit with a rolling pin Pierre grabbed Emily's hand happened. It was like Emily had been kissed by a princess. Then, Nadine told D.W. that she has been kissed by a lot of people. Nadine said her mom, her dad, and even Arthur kissed her. But D.W. wanted a kiss from a real boy and then the Tibble Twins heard D.W.'s conversation and wondered what of she going to kiss them. So they run away and say that D.W. has cooties. At preschool, they were sleeping and D.W. imagined being kissed by James and then he turned into a frog and so did D.W.. Then, D.W. asks Arthur if he understands anything about kissing. Arthur says he doesn't realize anything about kissing. Then D.W. observes a book and tells Arthur he does know something about kissing and asks about the name of the book. Arthur says it is called Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Arthur says they are reading it in class and gives her a mini plot about it. Then, D.W. got kissed by James.







  • This is the first episode whose title card has noises happening while the title is read.

Cultural references

  • Before the title card, D.W. was Juliet and Nadine was her nurse. The Prince from Rapunzel was there too.
  • When D.W. wanted to know about kissing, Arthur told D.W. about the story of Romeo and Juliet and how he's reading it at school.

Episode connections

  • This is also the second time one of the main characters was kissed by one of their friends (the first being "Buster and the Daredevils").


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