"Mrs. Frensky's Sedan" is not an official name.
Frensky Family Car

Francine and her friends, plus her mother Laverne and pet cat Nemo standing next to Laverne's car.

Mrs. Frensky's Sedan is a faded brown 4-door sedan owned and driven by Francine and Catherine's mother Mrs. Frensky. Laverne's husband, Oliver drives a garbage truck. It is unknown to whether or not Catherine drives the car, since she is 16 years old. The car first appeared in Night Fright, but became recognized in Francine and the Feline, but was never shown again since, and Francine was occasionally dropped off or picked up from school in the garbage truck that Oliver drives; although it could be mentioned in Vomitrocious when Laverne asked Francine to call her to pick her up if she wasn't feeling well.


Mrs. Frensky's sedan is faded brown on the exterior with two faded red lines around the car and has round headlamps and red rectangular taillights. Not much was shown about the car, though only two perspectives were shown. The interior is tan with red cloth bench seats and it has manual windows (like the Mrs. Read's station wagon), and the top half of steering wheel from the front seat can be seen, although the interior showed mostly the back seat. The shoulder belts were never seen, and the car itself could either have only lap belts or no seat belts at all.

This car is not to be confused with Oliver's cars.

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