LeapFrog is a company that specializes in children's entertainment, making games, toys and electronic devices for children to use. In 2012, LeapFrog partnered with to release a set of 6 Arthur episodes to be bought for viewing on LeapPad1, LeapPad2, Leapster Explorer and LeapsterGS, titled "Arthur Favorites: Volume 1." The episodes released are "D.W. on Ice," "Spoiled Rotten," "Unfinished," D.W., Bossy Boots," "Arthur's Number Nightmare," and "Brain Gets Hooked."

LeapFrog also released Arthur's Missing Pal for the same devices.


  • On LeapFrog's official volume 1 product description, "Arthur's Number Nightmare" is listed "Arthur's Numbers Nightmare," adding an -s to the end of "number."
  • Volume 1 is the only known release of "Arthur's Number Nightmare" and "Brain Gets Hooked."


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