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This is a list of characters that are featured in the book series and Television show Arthur which began airing in 1996

The children


A large collection of characters from the series.

Arthur Timothy Read is the title character of the series. He is a third grade student at Lakewood Elementary in Elwood City. He has two younger sisters, Dora Winifred (D.W.) and Baby Kate. He possesses a sincere partiality towards reading, watching television, playing sports, playing piano and spending time with his friends. He is an aardvark[1]. He wears a yellow cotton sweater and a pair a of blue jeans.
Alan "The Brain" Powers is one of Arthur's friends and classmates. He is a mild-mannered only child, who excels in academics and athletics. He spends his free time working at his parents' ice cream parlor, while also managing a career as a great soccer player. Brain is an original character from the Arthur books. Brain had a secret that he had flunked Kindergarten, in "Brain's Shocking Secret." He is represented as a bear. He wears olive green pants and a gray sweatshirt with a white modern collar.
Shelley "Binky" Barnes is a one of Arthur's friends and classmates. He was originally written as a bully, who secretly harbors sensitive and caring feelings. He enjoys studying the fine arts, including playing the clarinet and performing ballet. He was the leader of a "bully clique", known as the Tough Customers, which in later seasons takes on more noble endeavors. He is now portrayed as one of Arthur's best friends but still acts rashly at times. In the episode "Binky Goes Nuts," it is discovered that he is allergic to peanuts. Recently, his family adopted a baby sister, named Mei-Lin, from China. Binky is an original character from the books. He wears an orange shirt and casual blue pants.
Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire is Francine's best friend, though they are opposites in many ways. She is the wealthiest girl in school, and is generally potrayed as a stereotypical rich and spoiled girl, thinking money can even buy her way out of an electrical blackout, shown in the episode "The Blizzard." She tends to be extremely self-centered, and like Francine, her behavior occasionally leads her into trouble with her friends. She also tries to impress her friends with her dad's wealth, who is the wealthiest businessman in Elwood City, and because of this she is often labeled as a show-off by her friends. Muffy has an older brother named Chip. Her signature hairstyle is ponytails, usually braided, and had buck teeth as she did in the books on several but not all episodes of season 1. She is shown as a monkey in a white blouse with a purple jumper and two matching bows to tighten her braids.
Buster Baxter is Arthur's best friend. A jolly and upbeat figure, Buster enjoys watching television, reading works of science fiction, conjuring conspiracy theories, playing video games, playing the tuba, and above all, eating. Despite his excessive eating habits, he is surprisingly lean. He has asthma. He is also very superstitious at times, and is obsessed with extraterrestrial life. Buster lives with his mother, Bitzi, and occasionally travels with his father, Bo. Buster also had his own spin-off series, entitled Postcards from Buster.[2] He is shown as a rabbit with a greenish blue sweater with a pink collar and blue jeans.
Francine Alice Frensky is a tomboy who loves sports, drumming and singing. She is the best player on her team in just about every sport they play, rivaled only by the Brain. She is also good at the drums and singing, but has unsuccessfully tried to do them simultaneously. Her blunt, outspoken demeanor can sometimes have a negative effect on her relationships with friends and relatives. She is of Polish-Jewish descent. She can occasionally be bossy to her friends. Francine is best friends with Muffy Crosswire. She and Arthur occasionally fight, but make up in the end. She is shown as a monkey with a red sweater with blue jeans and sports a barrette on each side of her hair.
Fern Walters is one of Arthur's classmates. She is one of the series' quieter characters, who enjoys reading poetry and mystery novels. Fern's mother, Doria, is constantly trying to get Fern to become more extroverted, and even Fern herself sometimes worries she is "too quiet". She is known for her realistic storytelling, especially when telling horror stories based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. She has much talent for solving crimes, and being an amateur sleuth. One of her favorite authors is Persimmony Glitchet, a reference to famous author Lemony Snicket. Most of the time Fern is shown in a purple long sleeved blouse with yellow buttons and yellow pants, always sporting a red ribbon in her hair.
George Lundgren is one of Arthur's classmates, and is a moose, or something in the family Cervidae. Like Fern, he is very quiet. He has dyslexia and is well-known in his class as a ventriloquist, performing with his dummy, Wally. He is often isolated from his classmates because of his frequent nosebleeds, which grosses out everyone. He is of Scandinavian descent. His last name was formerly "Nordgren" until Season 11 and onwards which has now been changed to "Lundgren". He and Francine were dance partners in a dance competition. George is shown with an orange shirt and blue jeans.He is said to have a crush on Jenna.
Jenna Morgan is a minor character in Arthur's grade. She plays badminton, helps coach soccer, received an Athlete of the Year award from Michelle Kwan, and is allergic to milk (making her lactose intolerant). Jenna also suffers from bedwetting. In Jenna's Bedtime Blues, George has a crush on her, as she said her secret was a crush on George to not admit her bedwetting to her friends. Jenna is shown as a cat in a pink dress with yellow buttons and hot pink interior.
Prunella Deegan is a grade above Arthur and his friends, and as a result is somewhat snobbish and condescending towards the younger kids. She brags about winning competitions from last grade and tends to bring it up to Arthur and his friends. She is interested in yoga, fortune telling, and paranormal phenomena. She wears a blue dress with a white collar and a purple bow tie on her head.
Sue Ellen Armstrong is a recent transfer to Arthur's school. Her father is a diplomat, and so her family has lived in various spots around the world. She is interested in world culture, and has a black-belt in the martial arts. She also practices taekwondo, and is not afraid to challenge someone much bigger than herself. She can whistle, and though she is an only child, keeps in touch with her brother-like friend on the other side of the world. In "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary", it is hinted that she has a crush on Arthur. She is shown as a cat with a white and blue low-cut vest and navy blue skirt.
Adil Akyuz is Arthur's 8-year-old Turkish pen pal who was introduced in "Dear Adil". He and Arthur have a lot in common. Adil has an annoying younger sister, Aisheh, who loves the Turkish version of Mary Moo Cow (Arthur became very upset when Adil and Aisheh sent D.W. a Turkish Mary Moo Cow CD) and a best friend named Andhur (AHN-door) who has a personality like Buster.
Alberto Molina, is the teenage older brother of Vicita Molina and of Arthur's newer neighbors. He became a character during season six, following the departure of Mr. Sipple. Alberto and his family hail from Ecuador. He practices kendo in his spare time, and enjoys reading "El Conejo Bionico", the Spanish version of Bionic Bunny.
Catherine Frensky is Francine's older sister, 14 years old. She is a monkey and reads teen magazines and frequently hogs the phone. She is envied by Francine, since Francine believes that her parents favor her older sister and Catherine is better than Francine at many activities, particularly acrobatics and horseback riding.
Chip Crosswire is Muffy's older brother who is a college student at Tallahassee Tech, a fictional school. He was first subtly revealed on "Arthur's Perfect Christmas" (there were separate Christmas stocking for Chip and Muffy side by side in their fireplace), but was later directly mentioned in the episode "Phony Fern". His first appearance was in "Matchmaker, Match Breaker" when he comes home from college, where Muffy and Francine try to hook him up with Francine's sister Catherine.

Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is Arthur's little sister and is a middle child. She attends preschool and enjoys watching children's television shows much to Arthur's annoyance. She is also known for her many short-lived obsessions and tantrums if these obsessions are not fulfilled. Many of the series' plots revolve around tensions between D.W. and her brother, and she is naturally better than Arthur in some activities such as fishing, which causes her brother to envy her. At times, she can be self-centered, annoying, says cruel things to Arthur and other people, and always tries to get Arthur in trouble, and make him look bad. But other times, she does show appreciation for Arthur being her older brother. She goes by the nickname "D.W." due to an evident dislike for her full name.

Emily is one of D.W.'s classmates and friends. She first met D.W. in a gymnastics class, and later became a regular character in the series. She outshines D.W. in many activities, and D.W. often tries to outperform her, but with mixed results. She possibly has a French heritage because she is closely associated with French culture, and even has a French nanny. Emily was at first seen as a rabbit with tall ears, short blonde hair, and a red floral dress. In the sixth season, her design changed to much longer hair, and a blue dress.

Kate Read is Arthur and D.W.'s baby sister. She's able to communicate with Pal and other animals but people who are older than her dismiss it as "baby talk" gibberish, and Kate and the animals interpret grownups' talk likewise. She is an aardvark and enjoys playing in her sandpit and shows remarkable intelligence for her age and limited knowledge, despite not being able to communicate with people older than herself.

Marina Datillo is Prunella's best friend. She is a rabbit, blind, and loves Henry Skreever, the show's parody of Harry Potter. She and Prunella met when Prunella unwillingly received a Braille edition of the latest Henry Skreever and let Marina borrow it, and since then they have become inseparable. Marina is notably good at yoga and joined Prunella and her mother, Wanda, in their early-morning yoga routine.

Mei-Lin Barnes (2007–present) is Binky's baby sister who was adopted from China. In her debut (at the Chinese restaurant), she was talking to Baby Kate. She and her brother are very close to each other. Mei-Lin first appeared in the season 11 finale, "Big Brother Binky".

James MacDonald: The younger rabbit brother of Molly MacDonald, his fourth grade sister. He is in Ms. Morgan.'s class, and is often shy. He is sometimes annoyed by D.W.. In one episode D.W. would bug him to kiss her.

Molly MacDonald is close friends with Binky. She is a rabbit and another antagonist and a senior member of the Tough Customers. She is known to be good at giving advice, but dislikes the fact that everybody comes to her for it. Molly has short maroon hair that completely covers her eyes, giving her a rebellious appearance. She has a little brother named James who is in D.W.'s preschool class. She became friends with D.W. and Arthur eventually, but both sides have agreed to keep this secret from their friends.

Monique "Mo": Arthur's cousin, whom Arthur remembers when she had been awful to him in the past reunions and tries to avoid her, until it is revealed that Mo isn't as bad as Arthur thought. She, like Arthur, plays the piano, and claims that Arthur is her favorite relative. Monique only appears in Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe.

Nadine is D.W.'s imaginary friend. She portrays D.W.'s conscience, and usually appears when D.W. feels guilty, scared, or angry. Both girls are aware that Nadine is imaginary, since only D.W. sees her. One episode shows D.W. with her when she's much older, while another shows that D.W. does not need Nadine as much as she used to. She has long platinum blonde hair styled exoticly in three pigtails and small buck teeth. She can create imaginary items and appear/disappear with magic.

Rattles is another member of the Tough Customers, and is one of the antagonists. Rattles has been a Tough Customer member since the first season of the program. He wears a backwards baseball hat, black leather jacket, white T-shirt, green jeans and high tops.

Rubella Deegan is Prunella's older teen sister. She is very spiritual and obsessed with psychic and paranormal phenomena. She is typically depicted as a mystical, and she often talks in a very dramatic tone. She often chides in on Prunella.

Tommy and Timmy Tibble are twins who routinely exasperate Arthur, D.W., and most everyone with their mischievous antics. In the early episodes in the first season, the characters at D.W.'s preschool who were mischievous were named Billy and Bobby. Billy and Bobby were later replaced by the Tibbles. Tommy wears a red scarf and Timmy wears a blue scarf.

Vicita Molina is Arthur's neighbor. She is the younger sister of Alberto Molina who moved in after Mr. Sipple moved out and was introduced in sixth season. She's three and seven-eighths, in her own proud words, and often plays with D.W. and the Tibbles.

Frankie is a student in the fourth grade class. He is almost always portrayed as a background character. In Dancing Fools he is Muffy's dancing partner, but was known as Otis and wore glasses in that episode.

The adults

Mr. Armstrong: Sue Ellen's father, a diplomat. His job has forced him to move all across the world, but they all enjoy the travel opportunities that come with it.

Mrs. Armstrong: Sue Ellen's mother, is a homemaker with a penchant for exotic clothes.

Bailey: Muffy's chauffeur and sometimes the Crosswire Family's butler. He also has a notable talent in creating kinetic art, and follows Muffy's orders without question, even when told to drive the Crosswire limo in quite dangerous fashion.His original name was James.

Bubbie: Francine's granny who was first seen in the background during Arthur's Perfect Christmas. In the Season 12 episode, Is that Kosher?, she was finally recognized as an official character. She was guest voiced by Joan Rivers.

Mr. Barnes: Binky's father.

Mrs. Barnes: Binky's mother, a nurse.

Bitzi Baxter: Buster's mom, the editor-in-chief of the Elwood City Times. She's overprotective of Buster and a frantic character. (In the early Arthur books, she had blonde hair, although the later books and TV show depicted her with auburn hair.)

Buster's Grandmother: Lives in the same building as Buster and Bitzi.

Bo Baxter: Buster's father, who is divorced. He is a pilot. Buster flies with him around the United States in the spin-off Postcards from Buster series. In Postcards from Buster, he is shown with short brown hair and glasses. However, during his few appearances in earlier seasons of Arthur, his face is hidden from view, for instance behind a newspaper. He looks almost exactly like Harry, Bitzi Baxter's ex-boyfriend. His physical appearance has changed several times.

Coach Grimslid : The Lakewood Elementary School Gym Coach who was mainly seen in earlier episodes.

Ms. Blank: A past substitute teacher of Mr Ratburn's class. Strangely, she was the class's favorite substitute teacher because she never showed up and the class had to be taught by Miss Sweetwater, who let them do coloring and gave them snacks.

Mrs. Bofini: A past substitute teacher of Mr Ratburn's class. The class disliked her because she had the habit of chewing with her mouth open while eating an apple and batting her eyelids.

Ms. Bryan: The Lakewood Elementary School Art teacher.

David Read: Arthur, D.W. and Kate's father. Mr. Read runs a catering business from home and is frequently shown garnishing trays of hors d'oeuvre in the family kitchen.

Doria Walters: Fern's mother. She works for a real estate company and is very confident and encouraging in her daughter.

Mr. Elkin: A past substitute teacher of Mr Ratburn's class. He was troublesome because his large antlers would knock students out of their seats.

Ed Crosswire: Muffy's father, the owner of a car dealership called "Crosswire Motors". It was revealed that he never attended college; rather he received an honorary degree after his donation of a library. He is also the coach of the soccer team.

Emily's mother: Emily's unnamed mother, who looks very different from her daughter. She makes many brief appearances, and in Emily Swallows a Horse, she is seen in a gown, adorning herself which shows that she enjoys formal events.

Emily's father: Emily's father who is only seen during Emily Swallows a Horse. In the episode, he is in bed, and his head is turned away, hiding his face. Emily is seen with Marie-Helene more than her parents which shows that they do not have much time for her.

Mrs. Fink: One of the teachers at Lakewood Elementary School. She is another teacher that does fun things with her class compared to Mr. Ratburn's hard work.

Dr. Frederique Fugue: Once taught Arthur piano lessons and later filled in for Ms. Krasny to take Mr. Ratburn's class to Crown City for a singing chorus field trip. He was a chorister as a child and later sung with Whiffenpoofs, implying he attended Yale University. He is also an extremely strict teacher and "fires" many of his students.

Fritz Langley: Caretaker of the Elwood City Community Garden who sometimes suffers from arthritis in his hands while working. He eventually moves to retirement community.

"Grandma" Thora Read: Grandma Thora is Arthur and D.W.'s paternal grandmother, who is quite caring, but is a poor cook, as revealed in the episode "The Half-Baked Sale". Grandma Thora is based on Brown's own grandmother Thora, who encouraged him by saving his childhood drawings in a bottom drawer.

"Grandpa" Dave: An aardvark. He lives on the family farm, which has been in the family for over 150 years.

Thora's Mother: She is Thora's mother and David Read's grandmother. She is seen in "Clarissa Is Cracked" and much older in "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe".

Ed Billings: Neighbor of Grandpa Dave's. He always offers to help Dave around his aging farm, but Dave was too proud to accept it until his grandchildren showed him the value of accepting help from others.

Harry Mills: Works at Bitzi's newspaper as a sports writer. Bitzi started dating him for a couple of seasons, but then broke off because she wanted more time to pursue other interests. Despite the break-up, he remained good friends with Buster and his mother as if nothing had happened.

Francis Haney: Mr. Haney is the lovable yet absentminded principal of Arthur's school. He, like George, suffers from dyslexia. He also seems to have bad luck: something goes wrong almost everywhere he goes. A running gag in the show is a random item falling on his head, usually unintentionally caused by another character, such as Francine throwing a baseball way off course in "Arthur Makes the Team" and Loretta flipping the burgers too high in "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe". Both ended up accidentally falling on his head. They also often call him "sir" instead of Mr. Haney, as if he were a stranger despite the fact that he is their principal.

Mr. Higgins: The Elwood City mail carrier.

Dr. Iris: She was the eye doctor who suggested that Arthur needed glasses in the first episode "Arthur's Eyes". (In the original Arthur book "Arthur's Eyes", Dr. Iris is a fox.)

Jane Read: Arthur, D.W. and Kate's mother. Mrs. Read is a work-at-home tax accountant. She has short, curly, brown hair and wears a salmon pink sweater and blue jeans.

Jessica: Jane's sister. She is married to a man named Richard and has a daughter, Cora. She appears once in the episode "D.W. Thinks Big" for her sister Lucy's wedding.

Ms. Krasny: The Lakewood Elementary School Music teacher.

Laverne Frensky: Francine's mother, who is never revealed to have a job, but stay home.

Loretta: Arthur's aunt from his dad's side. She is somewhat overbearing and excessively uses the word "dear" when speaking to Arthur's mother during her only appearance in Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe.

Lucy: Jane's younger sister. She appears in the episode "D.W. Thinks Big", where she is married, and D.W. saves her wedding ring.

Mr. Marco: an aardvark, and Arthur's second grade teacher. He is often seen during the series, but Arthur was only in his class through flashbacks. He was a moose in the books, but in the show he is an aardvark just like Arthur.

E.A. D'Poe/Ms. McWord: One of Ed Crosswire's teachers that now is the writer of "Scare Your Pants Off" (as E.A. D'Poe). A parody of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps.

Marie-Helene: Emily's French nanny, who takes care of Emily more than her parents.

Millicent Crosswire: Muffy's aristocratic mother who enjoys opera.

Ramón Molina: Arthur's new Ecuadorian neighbor, who moves in Mr. Sipple's old house with his family. He is revealed to own and run an Ecuadorian cuisine restaurant.

Mrs. Molina: Ramón's wife, and mother of Vicita and Alberto. In "Dancing Fools", she taught a children's dance class.

Mrs. Morgan: Jenna's mother who very briefly appears in "Francine's New Best Friend".

Ms. Morgan: D.W.'s preschool teacher, and gymnastics instructor.

John Morris: John Morris, a Lakewood Elementary School Janitor for 6 years, had recently moved to Roswell, New Mexico to live with his daughter after breaking his leg during the Lakewood Fire, and is seen in the Postcards from Buster episode "Alien Adventure" when Buster visited New Mexico. On Season 11 Episode 143, he is seen at the school waxing the floor before Francine confesses to Mr. Ratburn that she plagiarized her essay. This is could either be a mistake or another school janitor who looks exactly like Morris.

Neal Lundgren: George's father.

Nigel Charles Ratburn: Mr. Ratburn is Arthur and his friends' teacher. His passions are homework, sometimes implied by Arthur that he literally gives out hundreds of math problems to his students to do, and puppetry; in one episode, he mends D.W.'s broken doll. He also enjoys magic tricks and spent a summer working at Jack's Joke Shop. He is also knowledgeable about Japanese lutes, such as the Biwa, but is noticeably incompetent with computers. He is a fanatic of the show "Spooky Poo," the show's parody of Scooby Doo. In reality, he is based on one of Marc's Brown's elementary school teachers.

Oliver Frensky: Francine's dad, who works as a waste collector for the local city dump. He states he was formerly a volunteer firefighter. He coaches the baseball team.

Paige Turner: Ms. Turner is the friendly but strict librarian in charge of the Elwood City Library, whose rules are for everyone to be quiet in the library. Originally she had brown/brunette hair until Season 11 when she sported blonde hair. Her name may be a joke on the phrase "page turner"

Mrs. Pariso: Francine's next door neighbor, who is very good at horseback riding and also won prizes at Wimbledon. She banged on Francine's wall when she first moved in to their apartment building, which made Francine think she was mean, starting a brief rivalry, but the two became good friends in the end.

Hoprah Linseed: A famous inspirational speaker with her own talkshow and issued an autobiography. She is a reference to Oprah Winfrey

Patty Jones: The woman who played Mary Moo Cow, who later appeared as a newscaster for the TV show "Stock Market Today".

Pickles: A clown.

Beauregard Poulet: The proprietor of the "Chickin' Lickin" restaurant chain who speaks with a Southern accent. He and his restaurant business are a parody of Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken, respectively.

Mr. Powers: Brain's father, and although he occasionally helps out in the ice cream shop, he was never shown have any other job.

Mrs. Powers: Brain's mother, who owns and runs the ice cream shop. She was originally shown with a brown complexion and brown hair, but she is now seen with a light complexion and blonde cream-colored hair.

Rodentia Ratburn: Mr. Ratburn's sister, who once filled in for Mr. Ratburn for a day when he was sick. Her teaching methods are notably similar to those of Mrs. Sweetwater. The students initially liked the simplicity of her methods, but they proved way too childish for their age and were happy to have Mr. Ratburn back.

Mrs. Robertson: The Lakewood Elementary School Kindergarten teacher who is now retired. Brain was a student twice in her class.

Mr. Sanders: The landlord who works for the apartment building where the Frensky family live.

Leah MacGrady: Mrs. MacGrady is the lunch lady at Lakewood Elementary school, where Arthur and his friends study. She is full of unconventional wisdom, and is Grandma Thora's bingo buddy. She commonly wears a pink shirt and white pants. She, like Prunella, enjoys fortune telling.

Susy Sipple: Arthur's next-door neighbor from Season 1 to 6, who enjoys grilling fish late at night and comes from a place where making faces on a bike means bring the biker a cabbage. He moves out in Season 6, and the Molinas move in to his home.

Miss Sweetwater: She is also a third grade teacher for another Lakewood Elementary School class, and does fun things with her students like singing songs (such as "I Like Fudge") on her guitar.

Mrs. Terrasini: A grandmother to one of the children in D.W.'s Class. She is very old and can't see or remember names very well as she called the "Tibble Twins" the "Toggle Twins".

Mrs. Tibble: The grandmother of Tommy and Timmy Tibble. (In early Arthur books, Mrs. Tibble is a human, however many newer books and the show have her as a bear.)

Miss Tingley: Principal Haney's secretary. One time she was afraid of Miss Sweetwater's singing and Mr. Haney's sawing-in-half magic trick.

Mrs Tremello: A past substitute teacher of Mr Ratburn's class. Disliked by the class because she apparently mumbled everything she said.

Trevor: Former coach of the Lakewood Elementary School soccer team.

Mr. Walters: Fern's father who was finally first seen in the Season 11 episode Phony Fern.

Wanda Deegan: a rat. Prunella and Rubella's mother. She enjoys yoga and granola.

Wilbur Rabbit: The actor who plays Bionic Bunny. Wears glasses exactly like Arthur's.

Mrs. Woods: Perky's owner. Her grouchy dog, Perky (aka Jaws), is Pal's mother.

Guest Stars

Alex Trebek (called Alex Lebek in the episode to make it not so obvious): Alex Trebek appears in the episode Arthur and the Big Riddle as the host of the Riddle Quest game show.

Art Garfunkel: Art Garfunkel appears in two Arthur episodes. He first appears in the episode The Ballad of Buster Baxter, and then later appears in Elwood City Turns 100! as one of the guests that Muffy invites to the play.

Arthur Ganson: Arthur Ganson appears in the episode Muffy's Art Attack.

The Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean, and Kevin Richardson): The Backstreet Boys appear in the episode Arthur, It's Only Rock n' Roll.

Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers (Tom and Ray Magliozzi): The Car Talk hosts appear in the episode Pick a Car, Any Car, where Arthur calls them about their car when it is about to go to the junkyard.

Matt Damon: Matt Damon appears in the episode The Making of Arthur as the host of a show "Postcards from You" (inspired by the "Postcards from You" segment that has been the mid-show feature on Arthur since Season 11 and the feature on the second season of "Postcards from Buster").

Edgar Rentería: Edgar Rentería also appears in The Curse of the Grebes also playing a Grebe, being Bateria.

Frank Gehry: Frank Gehry appears in the episode Castles in the Sky, and helps the gang create a new tree house, although they don't know he is Frank Gehry until he gives them a signed photo of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Fred Rogers: Mr. Rogers appears on the episode Arthur Meets Mr. Rogers. He visits Arthur's house and Arthur is embarrassed because he thinks that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is a baby show. Other people think that too. But, when Mr. Rogers comes for a visit to Arthur's class, they all change their minds when Binky says "Wow, can I have your autograph too?" to Arthur.

Jack Prelutsky: Jack Prelutsky appears on the episode I'm a Poet, as the judge of a poetry contest. At the end of the contest, he can't decide who's the winner, so he says "I hate contests. You all win".

Johnny Damon: Johnny Damon also appears in The Curse of the Grebes, also playing a member of the Elwood City Grebes as Playmon.

Joshua Redman: Joshua Redman appears in the episode My Music Rules as Francine's second-cousin-twice-removed, who they call "Uncle Josh". He gets invited by Arthur and Francine.

Koko Taylor: Koko Taylor appears in the episode Big Horns George, and is Alan "The Brain"'s favorite blues musician.

Lance Armstrong: Lance Armstrong appears in "Room to Ride".

Larry King: Larry King appears in the "And Now a Word From Us Kids" section of the episode Elwood City Turns 100! and interviews the gang.

"The President": Originally a caricature of Bill Clinton. The President was later redrawn to resemble George W. Bush. Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, and Burgess Meredith: Three deceased actors who played villains in the Batman TV show. They were listed as rival car dealers to Mr. Crosswire in "Pick a car, any car".

Michelle Kwan: Michelle Kwan appears in the episode The Good Sport, as the host of the Athlete of the Year Award at Lakewood Elementary. It is also said that she graduated from Lakewood Elementary in that series.

Mike Timlin: Mike Timlin appears in the episode The Curse of the Grebes, playing a member of the Elwood City Grebes, being Winlin.

Ming Tsai: Ming Tsai appears in the episode What's Cooking?.

Rodney Gilfry: Rodney Gilfry appears in the episode Lights, Camera, Opera as he has a role in the Carmen opera that Muffy and Ed Crosswire see.

Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal also appears in the episode Big Horns George with Koko Taylor.

Yo-Yo Ma: Yo-Yo Ma appears in the episode My Music Rules with Joshua Redman. He is the musician that D.W. invites (D.W. tended to call him "Yo Mama").

Lakewood Elementary School Students

2nd Grade

Otis Patrick Frankie Nancy Helen Luke John Jack Norman

3rd grade

Arthur Buster Francine Fern Maria Alex Brain Muffy Sue Jenna Binky George

4th Grade Steve Prunella

Animals and Pets

Pal: Arthur's pet dog. D.W. often refers to him as "Arthur's crazy dog". When he was a puppy, he was easily excited and often destroyed the house, but Arthur was able to train him. He is revealed to be able to speak in some episodes, but other than Kate and most other animals, no one can understand him. When he does speak, he speaks properly with an, English accent.

Amigo: the Molinas' dog. He first appears in the episode "Arthur and Los Vecinos". D.W. is afraid of him at first, but she gets over it quickly. Like Pal, Amigo has been shown to speak in some episodes. Amigo is friend in Spanish.

Toady Wartface: A frog mistaken for a toad by D.W. Read. Found near Spanky's grave, she used to be D.W.'s pet. She would fill Spanky's void. She is released afterwards. She also appears in "The Great Sock Mystery" revealing that she now lives in the Reads' yard. It's unknown why she and D.W. broke up.

Spanky: D.W.'s pet bird of unknown species. He dies in "So Long, Spanky" and was actually buried in a grave. He is seen again in D.W.'s story as a bald eagle.

Spot and Dot: Fire dogs.

Nemo: Francine's cat, also Pal's enemy. In the first episode he is shown in, however, they are friends. Arthur also disliked him at first, mistaking his playful antics for hostility due to his general dislike of cats. His facial features changed drastically after his debut. Before he was called "Nemo," he was "Rosepetal".

Perky: Pal's mother. She appears in "Arthur's Pet Business". She was once infamous for harboring a grouchy attitude, which caused the mailman to nickname her "Jaws," but it might be because she was pregnant.

Walter: A deer that D.W. meets in the outdoors, D.W. wants to take Walter home but her parents tell her it's not allowed. Walter is also seen in other episodes when D.W day dreams or imagines her perfect world.

Killer: A stray dog that was found on Grandma Thora's porch. She has been to the pound many times. It is unknown who is her owner, but currently, Grandma Thora seems to own her. Pal and Amigo were once afraid of her because of her bite, but her reputation was saved when she rescued Nemo by barking at some firefighters on a rainy day. Killer is shown on the very early books as Grandma Thora's dog, but she isn't introduced on the TV series until season 9.

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