Many Arthur episodes have shown members of main characters' families. This is a list of them.

The Armstongs

The Barneses

The Baxters

The Bickleses

The Compsons

The Crosswires

The Datillos

The Deegans

The Frenskys

The Haneys

The Lundgrens

The MacDonalds

The MacGradys

The Merkleses

The Molinas

The Morgans

The Pappases

The Powerses

The Ratburns

  • Nigel Ratburn
  • Rodentia Ratburn, sister
  • Otto Ratburn, father
  • Lisa Ratburn, mother
  • Hans, grandfather
  • Olga, grandmother
  • Joseph, great-grandfather
  • Sophie, great-grandmother
  • Rupert, great-great-grandfather
  • Olav, uncle
  • Fiodor, uncle
  • Susan, aunt
  • Louisa, aunt
  • Anna, great-great-aunt
  • Odo, great-great-uncle
  • Marget, great-great-aunt or great-great-uncle
  • Anastasio, great-great-uncle
  • Albert, first cousin twice removed
  • Julie, first cousin twice removed
  • Carl, first cousin twice removed
  • Vaclav, first cousin twice removed
  • Elizabeth, first cousin twice removed
  • Basil, first cousin twice removed

The Reads

The Tibbles

The Walterses

The Vanderloos

Last Name Unknown