Below is a list of guest stars that have appeared on Arthur.

Guest Stars

Guest Star Episode(s) Details
Fred Rogers Arthur Meets Mister Rogers Stays over at Arthur's house.
Jack Prelutsky I'm a Poet Judges a poetry contest.
Art Garfunkel The Ballad of Buster Baxter Moose that sings and follows Buster.
Joshua Redman My Music Rules Appears as Francine's uncle.
Yo-Yo Ma My Music Rules Redman's rival. Famous cellist.
Alex Trebek Arthur and the Big Riddle Host of RiddleQuest.
Michelle Kwan The Good Sport Hosted Athlete of the Year.
Backstreet Boys Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll They sing with U Stink.
Larry King Elwood City Turns 100! Interviews the kids in the interstitial.
Tom & Ray Magliozzi Pick a Car, Any Car The Car Talk brothers.
Taj Mahal Big Horns George Helps George write music.
Frank Gehry Castles in the Sky Gives ideas to the kids to re-build the Tree House.
Rodney Gilfry Lights, Camera, Opera!
Johnny Damon The Curse of the Grebes Plays for the Grebes.
Edgar Renteria The Curse of the Grebes Plays for the Grebes.
Mike Timlin The Curse of the Grebes Plays for the Grebes.
Ming Tsai What's Cooking? Host of a cooking contest.
Matt Damon The Making of Arthur Host of a video-making contest.
Lance Armstrong Room to Ride, The Great MacGrady
Joan Rivers Is That Kosher?, Grandpa Dave's Memory Album Plays as Bubbie, Francine's Grandmother.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman No Acting Please Appears as Will Toffman, acts as a director.
Neil Gaiman Falafelosophy Helps Sue Ellen write a story
Mike Fincke Buster Spaces Out Credited as Mike Fincke, encourages Buster with his space shuttle.
Alan Cumming Show Off He will voice Sebastian Winkleplotz in "Show Off".

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