In the twelfth season of Arthur, the storyboard artists were asked to include a character riding a bicycle in each episode.[1]


Number Episode Character Image
01a Is That Kosher? Mrs. Tibble 1201a bicycle
01b Never, Never, Never Nigel Ratburn 1201b Ratburn bike
02a Room to Ride Lance Armstrong, 2 Tour de France cyclists, Binky Barnes, Bailey, Muffy Crosswire, Oliver Frensky, Leah MacGrady
02b The Frensky Family Fiasco Jane Read 1202b Jane Read bike
03a D.W.'s Stray Netkitten Vance Legstrong 1203a Vance Legstrong
03b Bats in the Belfry Muffy Crosswire, Bailey 1203b bike
04a For the Birds Loretta 1204a bike
04b Ungifted ImagePending
05a The Chronicles of Buster Binky Barnes 1205a bicycle
05b On This Spot ImagePending
06a The Cherry Tree ImagePending
06b Matchmaker, Match Breaker Francine Frensky,
Muffy Crosswire
07a War of the Worms ImagePending
07b I Owe You One ImagePending
08a The Blackout ImagePending
08b Mei Lin Takes a Stand ImagePending
09a Home Sweet Home ImagePending
09b Do You Believe in Magic? ImagePending
10a The Perfect Game ImagePending
10b D.W.'s Furry Freak-out ImagePending

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