style="background:#709C22;" [Arthur is walking on the sidewalk alone. A puddle is near him. Francine cycles by with her bike, accidentally splashing Arthur]'
Arthur: Aah!
Francine: [The bicycle's bells make sound] Sorry, Arthur!
Arthur: [Talking to the viewer] The thing about Francine is, it's hard to get mad at her. Except for Buster, she's practically my best friend! Ever since the day we met.
style="background:#709C22;" [Flashback to when Arthur and Francine first met]'
Jane: Arthur, this is Francine. She's our new neighbor. [Arthur waves to her; Francine responds by licking her lollipop and sticking it on his forehead]
style="background:#709C22;" [Back to present day Arthur talking about Francine. He is about to enter Lakewood Elementary School]'
Arthur: And she's always stuck by me. No matter what, I can always count on Francine.
Francine: [upset] Arthur Read! [Francine is shown behind Arthur, with Muffy and Sue Ellen with her] Did you tell everyone I look like a marshmallow?
Arthur: Um... uh...
Buster: [walks up next to Arthur] Yeah, don't you remember? When she was wearing that goofy sweater. [talking to Francine] So, what do you want to do about it?
Francine: [walking towards Arthur and Buster] You better apologize or...
Buster: Or what?
Francine: [to Arthur] Oh you're gonna get it!
style="background:#709C22;" [Title card]'
style="background:#709C22;" [Arthur and his classmates are now in Mr. Ratburn's class. Arthur is sitting next to Buster]'
Arthur: This is all your fault!
Buster: My fault? You're the one who called her a marshmallow!
style="background:#709C22;" [A paper plane flies towards Arthur's desk, hitting him in the nose before landing]'
Arthur: [hit by the paper plane] Ooh! [Arthur proceeds to read the paper] This is your final warning...
Buster: [grabs it from Arthur's hands before he can finish] Because, you're in big trouble, and I mean big! [the note itself is shown, with the second instance of "big" underlined and a skull and crossbones at the end of the note] I think that's a skull and crossbones.
style="background:#709C22;" [Arthur and Buster look over at Muffy's desk, who is looking at the duo with a ruler in her hand and is tapping it on the desk, while Francine and Sue Ellen also look at them. Buster then gets up from his seat]'
Mr. Ratburn: Attention, please. Mr. Baxter, perhaps you can be persuaded to take your seat. [Buster sits back down. Mr. Ratburn then speaks to the class] What makes you a hero or heroine? And are you born with these characteristics, or are they something you develop? Anyway, that is the question I want you to think about over the weekend.
Class: [sighs]
Mr. Ratburn: Prepare an oral report on the hero or heroine of your choice. You'll be working in pairs.
Class: [cheers]
Mr. Ratburn: That I will assign.
Class: [sighs once again]
Mr. Ratburn: Binky, I paired you with Sue Ellen.
Sue Ellen: [gasps]
Mr. Ratburn: Muffy, you'll be working with Buster.
Muffy: What?
Buster: No way!
Mr. Ratburn: And Arthur with Francine.
Class: [gasp]
style="background:#709C22;" [Arthur looks at Francine, who breaks the tip of her pencil while smashing it on her desk]'
Buster: Nice knowing you.
style="background:#709C22;" [Cut to D.W. on the phone in the Read house's kitchen]'
D.W.: He did what?
Arthur: [entering the room] Who are you talking to?
D.W.: [off the phone] Francine. [on the phone] Uh-huh. He should talk, you should see what he looks like in pajamas!
Arthur: Give me the phone.
D.W.: [still on the phone] OK, I'll tell him, bye. [hangs up] She says she'll meet you at the library tomorrow at 3 o'clock. But don't say one single word to her, because she's not speaking to you. Hm! Worm! [D.W. walks away]
style="background:#709C22;" [[[Elwood City Public Library]] is shown from the outside. Arthur enters inside, and sees Francine is already there]'
Ms. Turner: Hello, Arthur. Francine was just telling me about your..
Francine: Report, on heroes.
Ms. Turner: Of course. What sort of hero are you looking for?
Arthur: Well, maybe a man.
Francine: A woman!
Arthur: Or a woman who did something famous!
Ms. Turner: Well Arthur, why don't you start with Joan of Ark? Horses, battles, exciting stuff, that's downstairs. Francine, you can look into Harriet Tubman, you'll find her upstairs. But don't forget, the library closes promptly at-
Francine: [interrupting] We know, 5 o'clock.
Arthur and Francine are reading books about Joan of Ark and Harriet Tubman. The clock is about to strike 5]'
Clock: The library is now closing.
ater, it is 7 PM. Arthur wakes up from a nap, and walks to the librarian desk, wanting to check out a book. He notices Ms. Turner is not there]'
Arthur: Ms. Turner? [Arthur tries opening the door, but it is locked. Arthur becomes scared, imagining the grandfather clock and a tree outside as monsters. He lets out a scream before coming back to his senses] Hello, is anyone there? [Arthur searches through the library to see if anyone is inside] Hello? [Francine, also stuck in the library, walks backwards and bumps into Arthur]
Arthur & Francine: [scream] You!
Francine: Arthur, why didn't you tell me what time it was? You could have got us locked in!
Arthur: Me? Why didn't you say what time it was?
Francine: I'm not your mother, Arthur Read! I mean, how dumb does a person have to be to get locked in the library? Anyway, I have no time for childish bickering. I have to get out of here.
Arthur: Fine.
Francine: Fine! And by the way, I'm still not talking to you, and I'm not listening either. [Francine bumps into a bookshelf] Ow!
rthur and Francine each grab a pile of books. They look away from each other while passing by'
Francine: Hm.
and Francine try to use piles of books to reach the window so they can escape the library. Francine stacks hers like a staircase, while Arthur stacks his more sloppily]'
Francine: [Francine is missing one book from her pile] Oh. [She takes one from Arthur's]
Arthur Hey! who almost reached the lock to the window, falls down from his pile] Thanks, I Thanks, I was almost there.
e proceeds to walk on her staircase of books, reaches the lock, and unlocks it. A fly suddenly appears around her. Trying to swat it, she falls down]'
Francine: Ow.
walks up Francine's books to the window. He tries to open it, but it is too strong for him. Francine then tries to open it herself, but she pushes so hard the locks fall off, sending herself and Arthur to the ground on their books]'
Arthur: I just remembered something.
Francine: What?
Arthur: Today is Saturday, which means the library is closed until...
Francine: [gasps]
Arthur & Francine: Monday! [echoes throughout the library]
Arthur: Oh, great. Well, I guess I can live without food. [Arthur's stomach gurgles]
Francine: But our families will be worried sick.
magines his room being taken over by D.W., with his belongings being replaced by D.W.'s and painted red instead of green]'
D.W.: Poor Arthur, hope he's OK. [speaking to the painters] And make sure you get rid of that Bionic Bunny poster!
Arthur: [cuts back to the library] Maybe not.
Francine: Wait a minute, I've got it! [Francine searches through files of books at the library]
Arthur: Are you nuts? How is a book going to help us?
Francine: How to escape from prison, how to escape from a desert island, aha! How to escape from a library!
is searching through books in the library, while Arthur is being used to help lift her up]'
Arthur: Hurry up!
Francine: It's not here! Somebody must've checked it out!
Arthur: [losing his grip] Francine!
Francine: Who would need a book on escaping from a library unless they were already in a library? [Arthur and Francine both fall down] Arthur! You were supposed to hold me up! Now my ears are ringing.
Arthur: Mine too.
Arthur & Francine: The telephone! [They both try to get it at the same time, with Francine getting it first]
Francine: Ha! Hello?
Muffy: [in her room] Hello, Ms. Turner? This is Muffy Crosswire, I didn't have a chance to get to the library today.
Francine: Muffy, thank goodness you called!
Muffy: I was wondering if you could bring me some books that I'd like.
Francine: Muffy, listen, it's me!
Muffy: Francine? Sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number. [hangs up]
Arthur: What'd you do? How could you let her hang up?
Francine: Keep your shirt on, I'm calling my mom.
Telephone: To dial out, you must enter the correct user code. Please hang up and try again. To dial out...
Arthur: OK, we're doomed!
Francine: You're such a wimp.
Arthur: And you're a bossy know-it-all! Marshmallow.
Francine: That does it, Arthur Read! If I have to spend the weekend here, I'm not spending it with you!
Arthur: Fine with me! See if I care. ds a book about gourmet food, and imagines a pile of books as a turkey. He then eats a page from the book] Francine? Fr Francine? Francine? ps. Just like earlier, he is frightened by some of the things in library] Francine? Wh Francine? What happened to you? scream is heard] Francine! Do Francine! Don't worry, I'm coming!
rches through doors trying to find Francine. He eventually enters the staff room, where he trips and falls on a pizza, and also finds Francine watching TV]'
Arthur: Are you OK?
Francine: Course I'm OK.
Arthur: Don't scare me like that! I was afraid you were hurt or something.
Francine: Well why were you worried about me? I'm just a marshmallow, remember?
Arthur: What? What about when I got glasses? You called me four-eyes!
Francine: Wait a minute. You were worried about me?
Arthur: Of course. And how about when my baby tooth wouldn't come out?
Francine: Arthur.
Arthur: You said that I wasn't allowed to... to... what?
Francine: Want some pizza? [Arthur smiles after Francine offers her some]
Arthur: [he and Francine are eating food] Where are we anyway?
Francine: It must be where the librarians hang out. Hey, let's get locked in here every weekend!
Arthur: This is the best! No chores, no homework, no... [sees D.W. walk in] D.W.!
D.W.: You're in big trouble!
Ms. Turner: ' Arthur, Fran Arthur, Francine!
d Francine's parents walk in as well]'
Jane: T
Jane: Thank goodness.
Ms. Turner: I don't know how this could have happened.
Jane: Are you all right?
David: We were so worried.
D.W.: [looking at a VHS tape] They look perfectly fine to me.
Francine are at school the next day, telling their classmates what happened to them over the weekend]'
Francine: Oh, sure there were ghosts, but they didn't bother us.
Arthur: Except for the one with no head, right Francine?
bell rings. The students enter the school]'
Buster: S
Buster: So, who'd you do your report on?
Arthur: Report?
Muffy: [in the classroom, finishing her report] And so, it is not an exaggeration to say, that without Edward M. Crosswire, there would be no Elwood City as we know it. [the class applauds]
Mr. Ratburn: Buster, do you have anything to add?
Buster: [clears throat] No.
Mr. Ratburn: That brings us to Arthur and Francine.
Arthur: [clears throat] Um, uh... we really didn't get a chance to do a real report.
Francine: Because we were too busy learning the real meaning of heroism. When we were locked in the library, it might have been really terrible, and at first it was, because we were fighting and everything. But then Arthur came to rescue me because he thought I was in danger.
Arthur: And Francine was really brave and found out where the food was, and she saved me some pizza.
Class: [cheers]
Mr. Ratburn: That's very good. I think you learned something important. So I'll give you 'till next weekend to do your report.
'[Arthur and Buster are walking down the sidewalk]I
Buster: I hate to say it, but Francine's not so bad.
Arthur: She's a lot of fun.
les through with her bike, splattering mud on Arthur and Buster]'
Francine: [bicycle makes sounds] Sorry!
Arthur: Most of the time.

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