This article is about Loring Cinema. You may be looking for Cinemas Mill Creek Mall 8 or Multiplex Cinema.
Loring Cinema
Loring Cinema
The front view of the Loring Cinema
Location Elwood City
Type Movie theater
Sells Movie Tickets
Soda Pop

The Loring Cinema is a local movie theater in Elwood City, where Arthur, his friends and many families go to watch movies. In Arthur Makes a Movie, Arthur and his family go there to see Kitty Come Home to which Arthur hates it and Prunella goes to see James Hound at the Loring Cinema, but Arthur's parents and the parents of his friends don't allow their children to see the movie because they're younger than the suggested minimum age of thirteen. In D.W.'s Very Bad Mood, Arthur, Francine, and D.W. go to see Kwazy Kewl Kittens: The Journey Home at the Loring Cinema, where Lisa's birthday party (to which D.W. was not invited) is being held, but leave after the first few minutes. There are also some episodes in which Arthur and his friends go to a Bionic Bunny-related movie at the Loring Cinema.

This theater was intended to stand in for the unnamed theater from the book Arthur's Valentine, which is not shown again in later books. Elwood City has a smaller number of buildings in the early books.


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