"Lucy's husband" is not an official name.
Lucy's husband
Lucy's Husband
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown (125a)
Blond (s15)
Complexion Tan (s1)
Peach (s15)
Family Lucy (wife)
Dave (father-in-law)
Jane Read (sister-in-law)
Arthur Read (nephew)
D.W. Read (niece)
Kate Read (niece)
Cora (niece)
Fred (brother-in-law)
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big (book)
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"

Lucy's husband is Lucy's unnamed fiancé and later husband who only appears in D.W. Thinks Big. His family has never been revealed in the series, although he was only shown about to walk down the aisle and right by the altar in the church during his only appearance.


While little is known about him, he is a tan aardvark with short brown hair at the top of his head, and only wearing a dark teal tuxedo with a mistletoe boutonniere and red bow-tie.


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