Manager of My Dreams
Manager of My Dreams
Artist Muffy Crosswire (Melissa Altro) and Nick Carter
Played in Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll

"Manager of My Dreams" is a song performed by Muffy and Nick Carter in Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. The song is about Muffy taking the role of Carter's manager and how much he loves what she does for her.



I'm the manager of your dreams
Because I'll make all of your dreams reality
Got a head full of plans and schemes
Yeah, you'll be toppin' the charts for eternity

Bookin' the tours and promotions
Hittin' the stores on the way
Showin' my love and devotion
Each perfectly managed day

Nick Carter

How would I manage without you?
You always know just what to do
I'm so happy to give you your sixty percent
Need a glamorous manager just like you
How would I manage?
Without the manager of my dreams

You're the manager of my dreams
Though I'm not sure whatcha do, owe it all to you
Ever since I've been in your hands
Life is New York and Paris and Malibu
Helpin' me seem smart and funny
Tellin' me I'm lookin' good
And makin' me truckloads of money
Like all dream managers should
How would we manage with you?


It's truly a dream bein' me!
All the fabulous flash
All the yachts and the cash
All this manager stuff that you get to be

Nick Carter

How would we manage without you?
Oh, girl, you came down from above


Somebody has do lunch
And I've got a hunch
You couldn't manage
Just couldn't manage

Nick Carter

I couldn't manage
Without the manager of my dreams
You're the manager of my dreams...

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