Martin Spivak
Martin Spivak
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Job Television host
Cartoon debut "Bitzi's Break-up"
Voiced by Terrence Scammell (s8)
Jamie Watson (s19)[1]

Dr. Martin Spivak is a forensic speculographist who was the host of the television show The Factoid Front.


On the way to the radio quiz show, George and his mother rode on a bus with Martin as a fellow passenger. "Fifteen"

Martin was the host of The Factoid Front, which Buster and Mr. Morris watched often. Shortly after an episode about a megatoad living at Lake Shagamonk, the show was cancelled. "Buster Isn't Buying It"

In imagination


Martin likes his coffee black with five sugars. While on the phone with a client, he referred to himself as "Marty Spivak".


(bold indicates a speaking role)





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