Mr. Barnes

Mr Barnes s6

Mr. Barnes s7

Gender Male
Animal Bulldog
Complexion Dark yellow (s1 - s6)
Pale yellow (s7 - present)
Residence Barneses' House, Elwood City
Family Mrs. Barnes (wife)
Binky Barnes (son)
Mei Lin Barnes (adopted daughter)
Binky's grandmother (mother or mother-in-law)
Binky's grandfather (father or father-in-law)

Shelley Barnes (grandfather)
other Unamed relatives (seen in Postcards from Binky)

Job Print shop worker[1]
Cartoon debut "Arthur Goes to Camp"
Voiced by John Moore (Season 8)
Peter Cugno (Season 12)

Mr. Barnes is Binky's father.

Physical appearance

Mr. Barnes is an older version of his son Binky, but with slightly longer clumps of hair and is taller, and wears a white shirt, green pants with a brown belt buckle, and brown shoes.






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