This article is about the postal worker. You may be looking for General Higgins, Ladonna's pet rat.
Mr. Higgins
Mr. Higgins
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Residence Elwood City
Job Postal worker
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Pet Business"

Mr. Higgins is one of the Elwood City mail carriers, the only one who has been seen. In the episode, "Buster's Special Delivery," he gives Buster advice such as S.A.D. on being Lakewood Elementary School's first student mail carrier and in "Arthur's Pet Business" he referred to Mrs. Wood's dog, Perky, as "Jaws." He is often seen in the background of episodes, and makes a cameo in Arthur's Perfect Christmas. He appeared in Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, wearing a red jacket instead of a blue one.




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