Muffy's dog

Muffy Dog

Muffy's dog s6

Gender Male[1]
Animal Dog
Hair color White
Complexion Grayish-pink (s1-s2)
Pinkish-peach (s6)
Residence Crosswire Estate, Elwood City
Family Muffy Crosswire (owner)
Cartoon debut "Poor Muffy"

Muffy's dog is a white poodle owned by Muffy.


Mr. Crosswire tested if the dog was what Muffy was allergic to, which it was not.

The dog admires Bailey, so when the dog refused to try a new brand of dog food, they had Bailey try some, after which they dog was willing to try it.[2]

During Buster's song, Muffy was playing with the poodle when he bit her "on the noodle" and she hit her head on the bed.





  1. "Or you're playing with your poodle, and he bites you on your noodle..."Buster Baxter, "Crushed"
  2. "D.W. has to see someone she admires eating spinach. That's how our butler got our dog to try new dog food."Muffy Crosswire, "D.W., the Picky Eater"

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