"Muffy Takes the Wheel"

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Muffy Takes the Wheel title card

Season/Series: 16
Number in season: 2B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 16, 2012[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom April 4, 2013 [2]
Written by: Jon Greenberg
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Flippity Francine"
"All About D.W."
"Muffy Takes the Wheel" is the second half of the second episode in the sixteenth season of Arthur.


Muffy enlists her dad to help her make a winning car for the first Annual Lakewood Derby, but he completely takes over.[1]


Arthur talks to the viewers about how that they can ask for help, but sometimes the helper takes over. D.W. is playing a computer game when Arthur helps and then Mrs. Read comes and then Grandma Thora comes. D.W. leaves the den and says the game is for the birds.

Muffy Takes The Wheel

Mr. Ratburn tells the class that they are going to make a race car out of a block of wood, for the 1st Annual Lakewood Derby. Everyone brags about that they will be the winner and Muffy says that they will all lose. Mr. Ratburn says that their parents should help for the tools but the work should be done by themselves.

Mr. Crosswire comes and Muffy asks dad if he could help her make the race car. Mr. Crosswire remembers doing the same project when he was a kid and he won the blue ribbon. Mr. Crosswire starts helping and Muffy makes an idea. Mr. Crosswire shows three cars and Muffy likes the third one. Mr. Crosswire starts talking about the list of the objects they need.

At school, Buster shows a picture of a sailboat with wheels and Francine says that she knew the idea would be crazy. Muffy comes and asks if Buster could build it. Buster moans because he didn't know he had to build it. Arthur asks Muffy to see the drawing of her car. Muffy lies that it was her idea, which was actually the car that Mr. Crosswire showed.

Mr. Crosswire is showing Muffy how to make the shape of the car. Mr. Crosswire starts taking it over. Then Muffy is rubbing on the car. Muffy says that her hands are tired. Mr. Crosswire says that he will take over, and tells Muffy to watch the technique. Muffy asks what's next.

Mr. Crosswire is checking the weight of the car, and keeps on taking off and on one some metal tool. He says it's heavy and then it's light and it goes on.

Muffy sees Francine's design in the Sugar Bowl and likes it. Francine says that it is not finished yet. Francine asks how the race car is. Francine catches Muffy saying that it's her dad's idea.

Muffy is at home and is thinking of what to say to Mr. Crosswire. Mr. Crosswire shows the car's speed in a course. In a fantasy, Muffy's dad gets sad of not using his idea and gives a car at Crosswire Motors to Timmy Tibble for a bicycle. After the fantasy, Muffy changes her mind of saying anything. Soon, the car is finished and Muffy is going to sleep. Muffy decides to make a car by herself after seeing Mr. Crosswire's car. She calls Bailey to help her make the car and stays up all night long.

The next morning, Muffy shows her dad the car she made. Mr. Crosswire asks why she made her own car and Muffy says it was her dad's car. Mr. Crosswire realizes that Muffy is right about the car.

At the Lakewood Derby, Muffy wins round one and in the finals, she gets second place with George being first. Francine says that Muffy really has cars in her blood.

Mr. Crosswire is satisfied that Muffy got second place and Muffy gets surprised when she sees that they are going in the same car that was shown earlier.






Cultural references

  • In the beginning of the show, D.W. struggles playing "Cranky Bees", a parody to the popular game "Angry Birds".
  • The Lakewood Derby is a reference to the Pinewood Derby, where eight year-old boys compete in a race using cars built out of the aforementioned wood.

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