"Muffy and the Big Bad Blog"


S14E07b Title Card

Muffy and the Big Bad Blog - title card

Season/Series: 14
Number in season: 7B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States April 25, 2011[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom November 4, 2010[2]
Written by: Jon Greenberg
Storyboard by: François Brisson
"Around the World in 11 Minutes"
"Arthur Unravels"
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"Muffy and the Big Bad Blog" is the second half of the seventh episode in the fourteenth season of Arthur.


Muffy discovers that web blogging is a great way to keep her readers up to date with her every move... whether they are interested or not! But then she goes too far and publicizes a disagreement with Francine.


At school, Muffy tells her classmate that she is going to Costa Rica for a weekend trip, and she will be posting it on her blog, The Muffington Post. Mr. Ratburn asks what a blog is and the Brain explain that a blog is when someone types their thoughts on a computer file and posts them a website for others to read. Mr Ratburn is interested in it and write it down; Muffy reminds everybody that she will write down the stuff she did on her vacation on her blog.

On her vacation, Muffy is writing down everything she does on her vacation even when she is doing something exciting. Back in Elwood City, Mr. Ratburn buys a new fancy computer and in school when tells his students to research their favorite author, Muffy interrupts, saying she is back and kids start asking her questions about her vacation. Muffy said she will answer them later on her blog. Mr. Ratburn put up his new computer, he find the instruction which is a disc but he thinks that it is a paradox. With Muffy, she began to be so obsessed with her blog, she doesn't do anything else fun, much to the dismay of her friends. 

At school, Muffy ask Buster, Francine and Binky if they read her new blog and they began to moan in boredom. Muffy doesn't understand why they are not reading her blog and Buster said lately her blog is getting a little boring, which shocks Muffy. Binky said that she can't just write stuff like she had a salad for lunch, cause nobody would be interested into reading it. Francine also tells Muffy that a blog need to have a "angle" somebody people care about and would be interested into reading the blog. Later Muffy took their advice and called Francine who became outraged by what Muffy wrote and wrote a reply. The next day Buster tells Francine that Muffy put Francine's reply on her blog, surprising Francine. Then Muffy tells Francine that the reply created huge traffic on her blog, suprising Francine again.  Arthur iconThis article's missing a Plot section. You can help by adding one!






Cultural references

  • The Muffington Post is a parody of The Huffington Post.
  • The name of the blog shared by Francine and Muffy, called "She Said, She Said," is a reference to a song of the same name by The Beatles, as well as a reference to the Paramount movie "He Said, She Said".

Episode connections


  • Mr. Ratburn claims that he never used the Internet before, but in Best of the Nest, Brain showed him all about the Internet and for the camping trip he bought an item online.


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