"My Night Light" is Track 11 of the album Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape). The song is about Binky Barnes celebrating his night light and how it helps him to sleep & have good dreams and also learning that sleeping with it is nothing to be ashamed of because his friends have night lights too.


My night light
Stuck in my wall socket
Protects me from dangers
That slither up the stairs
They do.
Without it, everything in my room's creepy
Like that big goon face that's really
My pants thrown over a chair
I love my night light
More than I love ice cream
I've slept with ice cream
And it turns to mush by dawn
Mush can't scare piranhas
Snakes and leaping lizards
But my night light's golden glow
Protects my every yawn (yawns)
With my night light
I dream of conquering a cyclops, heh heh
A big one with three or four eyes
Then I eat the moon
Then there's that cool dream
Where I'm taller than four buildings, hoo hoo!
I hope that I dream
That one again soon
No one needs to know
That I sleep with a night light
That's okay, Binky
We've had nightmares like you
You have?
But our night lights
Glowing in our wall sockets
Scare away monsters that don't even exist
Now we all have dreams
We all have dreams!
That are fun to recall
That are fun to recall!
Thanks to our night lights
Thanks to our night lights!
Thanks to our night lights
Thanks to our night lights!
Thanks to our night lights
Glowing on the walllllllllll
Our night lights!

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