Binky aardvark
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Book debut Arthur Rocks with BINKY
Cartoon debut "Meet Binky"

Nero is the drummer of BINKY. He is later revealed to be a hologram. Despite not being real, his character model has been reused on occasion for a background character. His name was only revealed in the novelization of the episode.

Physical appearance

Nero is an anthropomorphic aardvark with a cream complexion. He wears a gray V-neck T-shirt with a black collar, a blue collar shirt over the T-shirt, black sweatpants with white stripes, and red-and-white sneakers. He has blond, shoulder-length hair.


  • Although Nero is male, he is often mistaken as a female because of his long hair and unusually high voice.
    • When the limo goes out of control, Nero is accidentally given Kyra's voice. His proper voice returns after the limo stops.