"New Year's wrestling match" is not an official name.

The New Year's wrestling match is a wrestling match that supposedly happens every year at midnight on New Year's Day. The wrestling match is broadcast on television live and held between the New Years baby in a diaper wearing a red sash reading "NEW YEAR" and an old man with a long white beard and a yellow medallion reading "LAST YEAR." The old man is really weak, but "fights dirty," using tricks such as offering the baby a giant baby bottle full of milk, which he then squirts all over the kid. If the baby wins, the new year begins, but if the old man wins, then the baby has to live with a groundhog and there are six more weeks of winter.

Binky told Arthur of this tradition after dismissing the idea of the "New Year's Police," something Francine had told him of, as "goofy." Arthur looked nonplussed in reaction to this and Pal, his dog, stuck his tongue out in amusement. When Arthur told his best friend, Buster, about it, he just laughed, calling it the "funniest thing I've ever heard" and told Arthur of the New Year's Eve meeting.


The mention of the groundhog, as well as "six more weeks of winter," is a reference to the real-world tradition of Groundhog Day.