No Guessing!
First Appeared

Arthur the Loser

Last Appeared

The Tattletale Frog

No Guessing! is a board game that first appeared in Arthur the Loser. Arthur bought it because of its very convincing T.V. advertisement. The game is played by rolling a die, moving a certain amount of spaces, and answering questions. The finish/winning point is a button in the middle with a large star on it, when pressed on; it makes a sound and the player raises their arms and yells, "I win!" On the front cover there's a picture of an owl either graduating high school or college.

This game varies in different questions, some difficult and some easy. A few examples would be:

  • A scientist combined one litre of H2O and nine ounces of soil, what compound did he make?
  • Baseball is covered in what material?
  • What is the largest city in France?
  • What is the third planet from the sun?
  • A four-legged barking canine.
  • The bread around the hot dog is the...
  • The sight of King Solomon's Mines
  • How do you spell Cat?
  • What line goes around the Earth?
  • A Basketball is filled with....

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