"Operation D.W.!"

Operation D.W. 2

Operation D.W. Title Card

Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 8B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States May 24, 2006[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom November 16, 2006[2]
Written by: Stephanie Simpson
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Binky vs. Binky"
"Do You Speak George?"
"Operation: D.W.!" is the second half of the eighth episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


D.W. goes into the hospital for an ear operation.


The episode opens up at the preschool, where D.W. can't hear her teacher say that it's time for story time. Later at her house, she can only hear Mary Moo Cow if she turns the TV up really loud or stands right beside it.

D.W. goes to the doctor, who tells her that she has fluid build-up in her ears, which prevent her from hearing sounds properly, and she has to get an operation to insert tympanostomy tubes to drain them. Arthur starts being nice to her because she is being so brave about it. She gets her checkup the day before her surgery and learns a little more about the hospital. The next day she doesn't know if she's brave enough. But she realizes it's okay to be scared and goes on with the operation. After she's put to sleep she has a dream that she is a superhero with big ears. When she wakes up, she realizes she was brave enough after all.






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Production notes

  • Like all episodes of Season 10, this episode included the number '10' hidden in various places. For a list of them, see Hidden 10s.

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