Otis s11

Gender Male
Animal Bear
Complexion Brown
Family Otis's mother
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

Otis[1] is a student at Lakewood Elementary School. He spoke in "Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper" and "Dancing Fools".

Physical appearance

Otis is a brown colored bear that wears a cream colored sweater, blue jeans, and red and white shoes. He also has short black hair.  He wears a turquoise colored sweater during the Fall season.



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  1. "Hold on, Muffy. I'm going to put you with Otis over there."Mrs. Molina to Muffy Crosswire, "Dancing Fools"
  2. File:4th Graders Character Modelsheet.JPG (original file; must be logged in to view)

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