Otto Ratburn
Mr. Ratburn Senior
Otto Ratburn in "1001 Dads"
Gender Male
Animal Rat
Hair color Brown
Complexion Brown
Family Olga Ratburn (mother)
Hans Ratburn (father)
Lisa Ratburn (wife)
Nigel (son)
Rodentia (daughter)
Rodentia Ratburn's child (grandchild)
Book debut Arthur and the 1,001 Dads
Cartoon debut "1001 Dads"
Voiced by Arthur Holden

Otto Ratburn is the father of Arthur's third grade teacher Mr. Ratburn and substitute teacher Miss Ratburn and husband of Lisa Ratburn. He was only shown during a flashback in "1001 Dads".

Physical appearance

When Otto was younger, as seen in a flashback, he looked much like his son, but with longer brown hair. He was wearing half-glasses, a white shirt, khakis with suspenders, and dark gray loafers.

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