This article is about the doll. You may be looking for Polly, the parrot.
Polly Locket
Polly Locket
Item Type




First Appeared (cartoon)

"Prunella Gets It Twice"

Polly Locket is a doll of a blonde woman with a fancy outfit. In the manner of a locket, her face can really open up and you can store things inside her face.

Prunella received two for her birthday in "Prunella Gets It Twice;" one from Rubella and one from Francine. She later gave Francine the doll Rubella gave her, with a personalized sweater that said #1 Coolest Friend.

In "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap," D.W. imagines that Omble would turn Mary Moo Cow dolls into hamburgers and feed them to Polly Locket dolls.

In "Muffy's Art Attack", Muffy designs a beach for Paradise Polly, a specific Polly Locket doll.



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