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"Postcards from Buster"



Season/Series: 8
Number in season: 6
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States December 22, 2003[1]
Flag of Germany December 24, 2007[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Sue Ellen Chickens Out"
"Desk Wars"
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"Postcards from Buster" is the sixth episode in the eighth season of Arthur. It is a two-part episode.


Buster is going to New York to meet his dad, and the Reads are going with him.


Buster is about to start his travel with his dad, and Buster is convinced that his mother is going to miss him. Meanwhile, D.W. wants to see "Unicornucopia", a one-star rated play showing in New York City, so she tries to save money through every way possible.

After Buster is finally convinced that his mother won't miss him as much as he thought, he decides to go to N.Y.C. with Arthur anyway. While D.W. and her parents go to see the play, Arthur and Buster explore New York City with Bo. First they go to Chinatown, but the car gets towed since Bo was parked illegally. Then they go to El Barrio and meet up with subway break dancers and a sidewalk chalk artist. Then they try to meet Los Viajeros at "The Point", a children's recreation center in the Bronx, but they get lost. They ask some girls if they know the way to "The Point" which they do find, but don't meet up with Los Viajeros because they aren't there. Suddenly, Arthur forgets he was supposed to see "Unicornucopia" with his family, which ends up being a good thing for him because it was a bad play. At the end of the episode, Arthur thanks Buster for a good time.






  • This is the first episode in which Arthur meets Mr. Baxter in person.
  • Bo's hairstyle looks different in this episode compared to the Postcards from Buster series, where he has much more hair.
  • This is the pilot episode of the Postcards from Buster series, which premiered the following year. The main gimmick of the series, like this episode, is the scenes being filmed with Buster's camrecorder feature live-action scenes, with real live-action people in them.

Cultural references

  • This is the second real world city the Reads travel to, the first being Washington D.C. in "D.W. Goes to Washington".
  • D.W.'s imagination sequence about living in a hotel refers to the book series, "Eloise".

Episode connections

  • This was the second time Bitzi Baxter cries. The first time was "Buster Makes the Grade."
    • When Buster says "We're lost!" is similar to the episode Lost! where Arthur is the one who is lost, but it's Arthur, Buster and Bo who get lost, not just Arthur alone.

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