Pretty pioneers display

A store display of Pretty Pioneers items

Pretty Pioneers is a series of 26 books and dolls heavily featured in "Muffy's Classy Classics Club." The books are supposed to be set in the 1800's, yet often seem to be inaccurate and written with poor grammar. Muffy buys the dolls and books to be read at the new book club that she starts, however none of the members enjoy the books.

Each book also has a doll of the book's main character. The doll comes with one item that is heavily featured with that character in the book, as each book primarily focuses on one character and one item. They are a parody of American Girl dolls and the Little House on The Prairie books


Book 1: Abigail and the Apple Aspic

Pretty pioneers book 1

Book 1

Not much is known about the plot of the book other than the fact that Abigail sells her record player to raise money for a puppy orphanage. The book also heavily involves apple aspic, yet it is unknown how that item fits into the plot line.

According to Brain, the book has a major historical inaccuracy, as the book takes place in 1865, yet the record player wasn't invented until 1877. He also made a list of other historical errors. He says that the book also had poor grammar. Francine couldn't stop laughing while reading the book because it was so ridiculous.

Muffy seems to be the only person to have enjoyed the book, thinking that it was a heartbreaking tragedy. It is, however, unknown if she really thought it was good, or was only saying that to back her choice, because later on she acknowledges the fact that the books are terrible.

Book 2: Bernadette and the Butter Churn

Pretty pioneers book 2

Book 2

Not much at all is known about the plot of the second book. Bailey mentioned that it was almost entirely free of typographical errors, but did so in an attempt to avoid saying how bad the book was. Ed Crosswire thought the book was boring and poorly written, making Muffy admit that the book was terrible.

Book 13: Mathilda and the Missing Moccasin

Not much is known about this book, as Muffy most likely never read it since she seems to have given up the series after the second book.

Book 21: Camille and the Crusty Crumpet

Once again, not much is known about this book, as Muffy most likely never read it since she seems to have given up the series after the second book.


Other dolls mentioned include Emma and Hester.


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