Princess Lemini is a character Pepe made up to be the main character in his story in Mei Lin Takes a Stand.

Princess Lemini riding the camel


Princess Lemini is a baby, of about one year old, the same age as Kate Read and Mei Lin Barnes. She is a bear with yellowish fur and black hair. Princess Lemini wears a green turban, a purple veil with purple and gold trim, and a blue onesie with pink trim and a gold belt with a pink dot in the centre. She has no footwear.


Princess Lemini is described as "lazy". However, during the course of the story, she is shown to be very determined and compassionate for her jester Lap, going so far as to take all night to climb a mountain. She is also a fast learner, learning to row a boat, climb, and walk pretty quickly. It is also shown that she likes grapes but has to have them peeled.


Princess Lemini was the main character of Pepe's story. She was eating peeled grapes and watching her jester (a dog named Lap) do tricks. Her servant Meno was jealous of Lap, and turned him into stone. After this, Princess Lemini searched the kingdom for a cure, then crawled through a desert, rode a camel, and arrived at Dr Baba Katie's office. There, Princess Lemini went off in a row boat and learned to row while being chased by a sea monster. She then climbed a mountain all night to get the fruit to cure Lap and flew home in a pelican's beak. At home, she stood up to cure Lap, teaching everyone else except Meno to walk in the process.

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