Princess Sneeze-and-Wet
Princess Sneeze and Wet
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D.W. Read

First Appeared (cartoon)

D.W. the Copycat

Princess Sneeze-and-Wet is a bear-like doll that is one of D.W.'s toys. Arthur claims the doll as annoying, but D.W. loves the doll very much. At one point, D.W. was attempting to use the doll to bat,[citation needed] but Arthur proves that toys cannot play because of their inactivity, but D.W. says that all toys should get equal chances. DW attempted to steal this doll in "Go to Your Room, D.W.."


The Princess Sneeze-and-Wet is a doll depicted with a pale complexion, orange hair tied into pigtails, closed eyes, rosy pink cheeks, a single tooth in her mouth, and a red nose; and wears a golden crown, a pink sleeveless shirt with a frilly collar, a white diaper, and pink shoes. When squeezed, she will make sneezing sounds.