"Prunella's Special Edition"

Prunella's Special Edition

PSE Title Card

Season/Series: 6
Number in season: 3A
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 8, 2001[1]
Written by: Matthew Lane
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Buster's Sweet Success"
"The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies"
"Prunella's Special Edition" is the first half of the third episode in the sixth season of Arthur.


While the townspeople lines at the bookstore for the latest Henry Skreever book, Prunella orders a special monogrammed limited edition from England—and gets a Braille version by mistake.


The episode starts out in a fantasy sequence with Prunella. She takes 100 steps, trying to find some sort of special book. Straight ahead of her, she spots a bookshelf and heads towards it. She sees three books, all written by famous authors. She reads the titles of the books aloud and she notices they all have something in common; they are all about birds. The books fly off of the bookshelf making bird noises, and they corner Prunella. She casts a spell so she can make a door and get away. She runs into the doorway, it opens, and the books are all on the other side of the door so she is away from harm. Prunella then falls down a trap door into an abyss. She finds a rock to hold onto, but her wand falls. She then remembers she has a magic carpet and makes it open. She hops on it and is saved. She finds the book she was looking for, only to find out that it is blank. Because of that and Suddenly, The five in photo group laugh at her.


After the intertitle, we see Arthur, Buster, and The Brain in front of a bookstore in a line waiting to buy the next Henry Skreever book. They notice Prunella isn't there and they think that Prunella already has the book.

After that, it switches to Prunella's house where Prunella is trying on a costume.

Everybody is walking into the school with Prunella looking at the school thinking she will get the book in five hours, after the school day. She casts an imaginary magic spell "Piggity, Piggity, Poggity, P, Lakewood School, I transform ye!" It switches to a flashback event and Arthur breaks it up by walking in front of Prunella and asking her what page she was on. She brags how she is getting a monogrammed copy of the book from England. But of course, Muffy has three copies of the book.

It then goes back to Prunella's house and her sister tells her she has a package. She opens it and looks through the pages, only to find out that it is the Braille edition. She contacts the book company, but they only say the book she ordered in print will arrive in three weeks. She rides her bike, about to buy the book, and she sees Muffy and Francine coming out of the book store. She asks Muffy if she can borrow the book, but declines and Muffy and Francine walk away, laughing at Prunella.

She sees everybody reading their copies of the book, and becomes more eager to read it. She goes to the library, but they don't have a copy of the book, either. She goes on the internet to try to find a copy of it, but fails.

When all else fails, Prunella borrows a big, red book from the library titled "How to Read Braille." She falls asleep while reading the book and it waked up by Sue Ellen, who offers Prunella help.

When Sue Ellen leaves, Prunella bumps into a blind girl, Marina Datillo. She picks up the book and finds out that it is braille. She asks if she can borrow it, and Prunella says that she can keep it, but then says "This one has your name on it!" Marina then reads the book to Prunella.






  • This is the first episode Marina appears in.

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