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Rattles s16

Age 9-10[1]
Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Cat[2]
Hair color Brown
Residence Rattles's house
Family Rattles's mother
Rattles's father
Book debut Muffy's Secret Admirer
Cartoon debut "Arthur Accused!"
Voiced by Scott Beaudin (s14 (at least) - present)
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Rattles is a fourth grader at Lakewood Elementary School, and a member of the Tough Customers.

Physical appearance

Rattles has a tuft of hair sticking out of his red baseball hat, which he wears backwards. He wears a black leather jacket, a whitish-yellow T-shirt, green jeans and high tops.


  • Cat ears
  • Dog ears
  • Bear ears
  • Using earplugs
  • Ears underneath bandages

There is much confusion as to exactly what animal Rattles is. He so rarely takes off his hat that the producers have actually changed what animal he is multiple times. In "D.W., Dancing Queen", he takes off his hat while dancing and has dog ears. This is interesting compared to "Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet?", where he sticks his earplugs into the sides of his head. Also, in an imagination scene of "Thanks a Lot, Binky," he has small ears on the top of his head, although they were hidden under a full-body cast, so they could be cat ears. When playing sports, he sometimes takes off his hat and has cat ears, such as in "Arthur the Loser", "Meek for a Week", and "Arthur Cleans Up." In "Whip. Mix. Blend.", he clearly is seen with bear ears.


In the episode "Bugged" he is seen with the other kids at the playground as they are having a game of marbles. This shows Rattles does indeed hang out with other kids in the school despite being a bully.

He seems interested in knitting. For example, he is a member of Dr. Fugue's knitting club in "Arthur Unravels." Also, it is mentioned throughout the series, though more recently than before, that he is skilled at sewing.

In the episode "Brain's Chess Mess", Rattles reveals he is a skilled chess player, able to beat Brain quite easily and tutor him and the other members of the Chess Club.

Interestingly enough, he doesn't seem to consider himself a bully or at least does not like the label. In several episodes when other characters refer to him as such he counters by saying that he's just "misunderstood". At several points he also seems to be smarter than he appears, sometimes using shockingly advanced words to describe or explain something. When Brain offered to do his homework for a month in order to get him to join the Chess Club, he refused by saying that it would deprive him of his education. This could show that like Binky his tough guy personality is just for appearances or to cover up his other hobbies.







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