Rufus Compson
Rufus Compson
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Orange
Residence Compson family's house, Elwood City
formerly: Compson family's house, Louisiana
Family Cisely Compson (wife)
Gussie Compson (son)
Madison Compson (daughter)
Ladonna Compson (daughter)
Bud Compson (son)
Lena (possibly grandmother)
Bo (sister or sister-in-law)
Whitney (brother or brother-in-law)
Mable (sister or sister-in-law)
Silas (sister or sister-in-law)
Job Army Corps of Engineers
Cartoon debut "Show Off"
Voiced by Jonathan Potts

Captain Rufus Tucker Compson is the husband of Cisely Compson, and is the father of Gussie, Madison, Ladonna, and Bud. According to Ladonna, her father met her mother when he bought back her trumpet, which she had to sell because she was broke.

Rufus is a member of the Army Corps of Engineers. As such, he is often away from home for extended periods of time, which his children at times have a hard time dealing with. Despite this, he cares deeply for his children and tries to make time for them if at all possible.



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