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The twenty-first season of Arthur began production on September 9, 2015.[1] It is scheduled to begin airing on PBS on October 24, 2017.[2]

This is the second season where the animation is entirely done by Oasis Animation, though it was produced at the same time as Season 20.

Together with Season 20, there will be 14 new 30-minute episodes. There will also be two one-hour specials that are not considered part of either season, though "Arthur and the Haunted Tree House" will premiere alongside new episodes of Season 21[3].


Picture Title Number Episode Original Airdate
ImagePending "Binky's A Game"[4] 233 1a October 24, 2017[2]
When Binky gets an "A" on a test, Muffy and Francine are convinced he cheated. Is it possible that Shelly "Binky" Barnes actually studied?
ImagePending "Brain and the Time Capsule"[4] 233 1b October 24, 2017[2]
Brain makes a time capsule and gets overwhelmed by people asking to have their special belongings included. Will he make room for his friends, or will he give them the boot?
ImagePending "The Master Builders"[5] 234 2 October 24, 2017[6]
Buster struggles to build a birdhouse that will save the community garden from pests, while Muffy and Francine design a cat toy that they think will really change the pet toy game.
ImagePending "Francine and the Soccer Spy"[7] 235 3a October 26, 2017[8]
When Ladonna befriends a new member of the Mighty Mountain soccer team, Francine becomes convinced she is leaking top secret team info.
ImagePending "Sue Ellen and the Last Page"[7] 235 3b October 26, 2017[8]
The City Council has voted to close the Elwood City Library! Can Sue Ellen save the library before it's too late?
ImagePending "Muffy Misses Out"[9] 236 4a TBA
Muffy worries that her friends don't need her anymore when they plan a bake sale without her.[9]
ImagePending "Arthur Takes A Stand"[9] 236 4b TBA
Arthur thinks Mrs. MacGrady is being treated unfairly and seeks guidance from Congressman John Lewis.[9]
ImagePending "Take A Hike, Molly"[10] 237 5a TBA
ImagePending "Slink's Special Talent"[10] 237 5b TBA
ImagePending "The Lost Dinosaur"[11] 238 6a TBA
ImagePending "The Princess Problem"[11] 238 6b TBA
ImagePending "Invasion of the Soccer Fans"[12] 239 7a TBA
ImagePending "Pal and the Big Itch"[12] 239 7b TBA



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