Seth's mother
Gender Female
Animal Monkey
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Light brown
Family Seth (son)
Seth's father (husband)
Francine Frensky (niece)
Catherine Frensky (niece)
Francine's cousin (niece)?
Laverne Frensky (sister or sister-in-law)
Oliver Frensky (brother or brother-in-law)
Bubby (mother or mother-in-law)
Bubby's husband (father or father-in-law; deceased)
Francine's grandfather (father or father-in-law)
Cartoon debut Arthur's Perfect Christmas
Seth's mother is the unnamed mother of Francine's cousin Seth. She first appeared in Arthur's Perfect Christmas as an unnamed relative. In the TV series, she first appeared in "Francine's Split Decision," at Seth's bar mitzvah, and again in "Francine's Pilfered Paper."