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This article is about the first Shelley Barnes. You may be looking for his great-grandson.
Shelley Barnes

Shelly Barnes


Gender Male
Animal Bulldog
Complexion Yellow
Family Binky Barnes (great-grandson)

Mr. Barnes (grandson)
Binky's grandfather (possibly son)
Binky's grandmother (possibly daughter-in-law)
Mei Lin Barnes (adopted great-granddaughter)

Job Circus performer
Cartoon debut What's in a Name?
Shelley Barnes was Binky's great-grandfather. As a 9-year-old[1] child, he worked with The Traveling Malenky Brothers. He discovered he was very strong, and made many improvements to the circus.


  1. "In short, nine year old Shelley saved that circus"Mrs. Barnes to Binky Barnes, What's in a Name?