"Shelter from the Storm"

The shelter 1


Season/Series: 18
Number in season: 10[1]
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States September 8, 2015[2]
Flag of Canada July 23, 2015[6]
Flag of the United Kingdom June 1, 2015 (Part 1)[3]
June 2, 2015 (Part 2)[4]
Flag of Australia April 28, 2015[5]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Allan Jeffery
Wayne Lee Pack
"Some Assembly Required"
"Brain's Brain"
"Shelter from the Storm" is the tenth episode in the eighteenth season of Arthur. It is a two-part episode.


When a powerful hurricane hits Elwood City, everyone gets affected. Ladonna's dad is summoned by the Army Corps of Engineers. Muffy relocates to a shelter, while Arthur struggles to reunite lost pets and owners and Brain seeks the help of a therapist to help manage his anxiety.[2]


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  • Idina Menzel is a guest voice.[2]
  • The show's "And Now a Word from Us Kids" has been made freely available in the videos section of the show's official PBSKids website and through the PBSKids video app.
  • The episode is part of programming initiative that also includes the episode “A Storm in the Neighborhood / After the Neighborhood Storm" from the series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.[7]
  • When Brain is trying to fix his globe on his table, the globe changes color from blue and green to black and gray.
  • The name of the hurricane, Sadie, is similar to the name Sandy, the name of the hurricane that affected the Northeast region of the United States in 2012, close to the same area that the Arthur universe takes place in.

Cultural references

  • The United States Army Corps of Engineers is a real agency.
  • "Shelter from the Storm" is the name of a Bob Dylan song from his 1975 studio album Blood on the Tracks.
  • Dr. Paula's quote, "I like all things sweet and frozen," is a reference to the 2013 movie Frozen where her portrayer played the role of Elsa.

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