This article is about the teddy bear. You may be looking for the person.
Stanley the Bear
Item Type

Teddy Bear


Arthur Read (formerly)
Mrs. Tibble

First Appeared (cartoon)

"D.W.'s Blankie"

Stanley , briefly Chico[1] [named by Vicita]) is Arthur's teddy bear. His grandmother gave it to him on his third birthday (seen in a flashback.) Arthur once let D.W. borrow him when her Blankie was missing.

Desperately Seeking Stanley

Arthur finally gives him up in a garage sale to Vicita. She decides to name him Chico but later on she trades him for a sticker to the Tibbles. Arthur worries, thinking the Tibbles would destroy him. He discovers that the Tibbles gave it to their Grandmother, and she patched him up. Arthur tells her she can keep it, but then he runs back and reclaims him saying "Actually, I think I'll keep him for this weekend." It is evidenced that later on Arthur gives Stanley back to Ms. Tibble.


  • Stanley has been owned by Arthur since he was 3.
  • Although Stanley is not imaginary, Arthur viewed him as an imaginary friend.[2] This is depicted in a flashback to Arthur's fifth birthday.[3]


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