This article is about the story. You may be looking for the character.

Starry Moony is a children's story about a bat who gets separated from her family and is adopted by chipmunks, learning other ways to do chipmunk things she cannot do as easily because she is a bat. It was featured in the episode "Bats in the Belfry." It is based on the book Stellaluna.


(These are D.W.'s exact words; please do not edit this.)
Starry Moony is a book Mom read to me. It's about a cute little bat who lived with her bat sisters. Then one day Starry Moony got lost. But lucky for her, a nice chipmunk came along and adopted her. Starry Moony tried to be a good chipmunk, but it wasn't easy... because she was a bat. Finally, she ran into some other bats and she found her mom, and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

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