"Stolen Bike"


Stolen Bike Title Card

Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 29B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States November 14, 1996[1]
Flag of Canada February 13, 1997[2]
Flag of Germany January 22, 2002[3]
Written by: Kathy Waugh
Storyboard by: Angus Bungay
"My Club Rules"
"Arthur's First Sleepover"
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"Stolen Bike" is the second half of the twenty-ninth episode in the first season of Arthur. It was later adapted into the book The Mystery of the Stolen Bike.


Francine is so determined to get a shiny new bike that she finally decides to let her old one get "stolen."[4]


the episode opens up at School with Arthur and all of his friends hanging out until Francine tells everyone to move aside and gets into her bike. Arthur remembers when Francine was on two wheels and all of the rest of them we're riding tricycles back when they little kids and he tells the viewers that there one problem with Francine's Bike since she outgrown it.

-Title Card- the Frensky's we're having dinner and Francine's mom tells her that they can't afford a new bicycle for her until next year and she thinks it's not fair, which makes Francine's Dad shock and tells her not to give up and be brave and Catherine tells him to grow up and he then had an idea.

they went down into the basement and there Oliver Frensky tells Francine to hold that flashlight still and present to her new bike, which apparently old and worn out and blows the dust off. he tells her the he rode this to school every day and it was in great shape and Francine thank her dad for her new bike since she thinks it's big enough but her Dad wants to tell her about the brakes and he rode it out in the park.

the very next day, Buster was putting a lock on this bicycle at School until Francine arrived with her bike. then Muffy arrived on her bike and ask what is that and Francine tells her it's her new bike and Buster wonders what century did the bike came from, Muffy tells Francine that she couldn't get one like hers when she brought out a security remote, but Francine did told Muffy she got this one until the basket came off.

at class, Mr. Ratburn shows the Classmates a slideshow about the history about the Wheel, and he asks anyone early sumerians might have done with their new wheel. then Buster got out his desk, raise his hand up until his shadow appear on the screen and he answers "Built Frensky's Bicycle?" which made everyone in the classroom laugh. then Muffy tells Buster to stop picking on Francine and then her shadow appeared on the screen as well.

after class, Francine then decided to hide her new bicycle into a pile of garbage and puts it by the bushes and will come back for it until all of her friends show up. Muffy ask where we're you and Buster ask why she has leaves in her hair and Arthur asks where's her bike. but then she told them it was somewhere and she feels like walking and Arthur told Francine that they'll be at the Sugar Bowl.







  • While Francine is brushing her teeth, the #1 on the front of her pajama top is missing, but reappears after she finishes brushing her teeth.
  • Straight after Oliver pulls the cover off of the completely restored bicycle, it is first shown smaller and about the size of Francine's old bicycle she had outgrown, but later shows its actual size.
  • Prunella suddenly appears when everyone begins to gang up on Binky.




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