"Thank heavens you're here. Upstairs, and to the right."
Mr. Read to some police officers, D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

Tantrum 911

Logo of Tantrum 911

Tantrum 911, also known as Temper Tantrum Patrol Squad, is a program in which police officers handle children who are having tantrums. It may be intended as a parody of either COPS or Rescue 911. In a fantasy sequence of Arthur's, they arrested several kids of the Elwood City preschool. When they arrived at the Reads' House to deal with D.W., however, and told her that she had the "right to remain silent," she insisted that she would not be silent and asked them who made them the boss of the world. One of them radioed for backup.


  • Since this program appears only in Arthur's fantasy sequence, it is very possible that it exists in his world nowhere but in his mind. The fantasy sequence begins as Arthur is talking with Brain in the lunch line and ends with him, Arthur and Francine seated at a lunch table. Following the fantasy sequence, Binky Barnes sits down with them and asks "Cool! When is that gonna be on?!" as if he had somehow observed everything that just happened in Arthur's fantasy. Arthur looks slightly stunned.
  • The fantasy sequence begins at approximately 12:05 P.M. in the afternoon, based on a wall-clock shown immediately after it ends.
  • The on-screen display reads "Tantrum 911," but the announcer states that the program is "Temper Tantrum Patrol Squad."


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