Alex and Maria 2

The Teachers’ Charity Carnival was an event held at Lakewood Elementary School to raise money for charity (hence the name). It was attended by Lakewood students of all grades, and appeared in the episode “Draw!”.

Things to Do

  • At one booth, Ms. Bryan carved pieces of cotton candy into the shape of students’ faces. Arthur and Buster watched as Brain’s own got the treatment.
  • There was a balloon dart game hosted by Ms. Flynn, which Francine and Fern visited together at the end of the episode.
  • Mrs. MacGrady set up a tent to do her “famous fortune telling act”, where she convinced Francine to apologize to Fern for teasing her, and the others to apologize to Francine for doing the same.
  • Mr. Ratburn set up a puppet show: "The many-headed Hydra versus…Sinbad the Sailor!" However, nobody seemed interested in it.
  • There were various concessions, including lemonade and fifty-cent cookies.
  • A few booths were not mentioned in the plot and have unknown owners, but could be seen throughout the carnival, including a kissing booth and a magic booth.
  • Lots of open space had been left around the carnival, and students could be seen running around.
  • Mr. Haney was planning to do a magic show as the grand finale, in which he would “saw” Ms. Tingley in half. However, Mrs. Tingley ran from him out of fear for the entire episode because he sawed a board in half while trying to demonstrate that it was safe.
  • Miss Sweetwater was planning to hold a happy sing-along contest “with a prize for the happiest singer-alonger!” Mrs. Tingley fled from her as well.