"That Miss Muffy" is not an official name.
That Miss Muffy is Muffy's theme song, sung in the opening of "Muffy Goes Metropolitan". It is a parody of the opening of That Girl, a 1960's sitcom.


Who is candy canes and Mary Janes?

That Miss Muffy!

Fresh baguettes and big barrettes,

That Miss Muffy!

She's dainty lace on a dress.

She's frilly… funny… fancy finesse!

Who is Valentines and hair that shines?

That Miss Muffy!

Silver skates and candied dates,

That Miss Muffy!

She’s peachy icing on a bundt cake!

Oh, we love her so, see her now!

Look out, world! Holy cow!

Hold on tight if you thought you were so sweet,

Because Miss Muffy, That Miss Muffy’s got you beat!

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