Arthur: You know what this is a picture of? give up? it's a polar bear eating a marshmallow in a snowstorm.

(polar bear growls) (Arthur grunts and pants while shoveling snow, wind blows)

Arthur: Hey! I'm over here! Hello! (He finds Pal) There you are!

(Arthur places Pal on his head)

Arthur: You know what's worse than walking your dog in a snowstorm? Walking your dog in a blizzard! But you have to walk your dog. If you have a dog, you know what I mean.

D.W: Arthur! (Her head is visible when she jumps)

Arthur: What?!

D.W.: Your Mom says "come inside"!

Arthur: (resumes shoveling snow) I'm trying! D.W.?

(D.W.'s head pops up near Arthur. Arthur screams)

D.W.: Hey! Did you see a polar bear eating a marshmallow out here?

Arthur: Don't be silly. There are no polar bears in this part of the world.

(The penguin rolls around in the snow in front of Arthur and D.W.)

Arthur: I've ben hoping for snow, but this is ridiculous.

(The scene fades to black, then fades to the title card reading "The Blizzard" with the Read family taking a picture)

Announcer: The Blizzard.

(The title card fades to black, then fades to the exterior of the Reads house in a falling snow)

Dr. Jake: And we'll be getting a light dusting of snow overnight.

(Cut to Arthur's room. Arthur is looking out his window)

Arthur: It's snowing! Maybe school will be closed and I'll be forced to play in the snow all day.

David Read: The weatherman says it will just be a light dusting. Now get back into bed!

Arthur: (Groans) Who wants just a dusting of little snow?

(Fade to black, then fade to the exterior of the Reads' house, with snow still falling. There's a deep blanket of snow everywhere outside. We hear the dog bark in the distance. Cut to the radio inside; Jane adjusts the tuner knob. Arthur is still in his pajamas)

Arthur: (Excited) There's snow everywhere! And it's still snowing!

David Read: Why aren't you dressed?

Arthur: Maybe school is closed.

Dr. Jake: (on radio) The snow will stop soon and it'll be a sunny day! No school closings to announce.

Arthur: Why do weather men never say the right thing?

(Cut to the exterior of Lakeside Elementary School, with snow still falling)

(Rattles struggles to ride the bike in a snowstorm. Fade to the classroom, with Arthur, Buster and Francine, all looking out the window)

Francine: I was hoping school might be cancelled. I can't finish my dumb history report. (She shows Arthur her report with only one sentence written)

Arthur: You couldn't finish a one-page history report about the pioneers?

Francine: The pioneers didn't have cars, or electricity or television! Those people were D-U-U-U-U-L-L-L-dul-l-l-l-l-l!

Mr. Ratburn: (enters the classroom) Sorry I'm late. Let's jump right into work.

(Suddenly, the school building loses power)

Mr. Morris: (enters the classroom) Bad news. The storm is getting worse. The building's lost electricity, so the school is closed!

(The students cheer as Mr. Ratburn gasps in shock)

Francine: All right! Now I'll have extra time to do my history report!

Mr. Ratburn: As you exit, hand in your history report on the pioneers.

(Francine closes her eyes in shock)

Mr. Ratburn: I could give you an "F", but I won't.

(Francine smiles in relief. Cut to the exterior of Lakewood Elementary School, with students running and playing in the snow)

Arthur: (to Francine) Why are you mad? He's not gonna give you an "F", right?

Francine: No, but I have to write a three-page report while everyone else gets to play in the snow!

Buster: (in his snow angel) That wouldn't have happened if you did it when you're supposed to.

(A snowball gets thrown onto Buster's face)

Buster: (spits out some snow) Hey!

(Cut to Francine's bedroom. Francine is reading the book on his computer desk)

Francene: "The pioneers crossed the country and had hardships like bad weather." (She closes the book) So what? What if they would stay where they would and invent airplanes then cross the country? (Pan to Francine's window) Duh!

(Cut to David Read shovelling snow and Jane read using the snowblower; snow still falling)

D.W.: Wow! It's so deep!

David: This is nothing. I remember one time when we had snow over my head. (He raises his hand above her head)

Jane Read: (with carton of gasoline) Wasn't that when you were younger than D.W.?

David: (laughing) Oh, yeah, right. (The winds starts gusting) The storm's getting worse! Everybody, inside!

Arthur and Buster: (in the snow castle) Aww!

(Cut to Kate reed and Pal looking out the window. Fade to Kate's mind with Pal pulling the sled to Santa at the North Pole)

Santa: (laughing) Welcome to ToyLand, Kate! (He opens the door; lots of presents inside. Fade back to Kate, then pan to Pal, panting)

(Fade to Pal's mind with Kate pulling the sled to Santa at the North Pole.

Santa: Dinnertime, Pal! (He walks out of the way to show meat cooling on the barbecue grill)

(Fade back to Kate and Pal, still looking out the window. They sigh)

(Cut to Francine doing her homework on her computer. Suddenly, Francine's house loses power)

Francine: Daddy, power's out! Can't finish my report without the computer! I'm going to build a snowman!

Francine's father: (hands Francine a pencil and a few sheets of paper) Keep working.

Francine: (disappointed) I bet I'm the only person in town not having fun!

(Cut to Mr. Ratburn, working on his car in a snowstorm)

Mr. Morris: You fellas can't leave!

Mr. Ratburn: I must go or I'll never get tomorrow's lesson plan prepared.

Mr. Haney: (inside his car) And I'm hungry!

Mr. Morris: By the power vested in me, by Local 12 Maintenance Workers and Gym Teachers Union, under janitorial law, you gotta help me drain the pipes! If they freeze, the school will be closed for a full month.

Mr Ratburn: (gasps in horror) No! We can't let that happen!

Mr. Haney: (horrified) Oh!

(Cut to Prunella, giving the psychic reading to Brain)

Prunella: There's gonna be much more snow and you're gonna meet a tall, dark stranger.

Brain: If you don'd mind, I prefer an expert opinion. (He turns on the radio)

Female announcer: (on radio) Another weather update from our meteorologist, Dr. Jake.

(Cut to Dr. Jake in the station studio)

Dr. Jake: There's gonna be much more snow and you're gonna meet a tall, dark stranger. Back to you, Brenda.

Brain: Mom, can we go home now?!

Brain's mother: No, our electricity's out.

Prunella: Wanna know your grades in college?

Brain: No!

(Cuts to the kitchen with Ratburn, Morris and Haney. Mr. Morris is looking at the pail of water and Mr. Haney turns the valve)

Mr. Haley: (grunts) The only way to ever be sure the pipes don't freeze would be for us to stay here all night.

Mr. Morris: That's the spirit! I appreciate your volunteering.

Mr. Haley: What? No, I-I didn't mean-I...I'm hungry!

Mr. Morris: I got plenty of beans for us all! (He winks)

(Mr. Ratburn and Haley stick their tongues out in disgust)

(Cut to Arthur and Pal looking out the window)

Dr. Jake: (on radio) Don't worry! There's a zero percent chance of freezing rain.

(However, the weather changes from snow to freezing rain, and the power transformer begin to freeze. The snowplow driver gets stuck and struggle to keep plowing)

(The electrical pole breaks down, crushing the parked car in process)

(Cut to the transmission towers near the power station. One of the transmission towers collapses due to the weight of the ice, causing numerous power outages throughout Elwood Town. Cut to D.W.'s bedroom)

D.W.: Mommy! Daddy! The town is exploding and it's very pretty!

Jane Read: The radio says Power's out everywhere

David Read:If you want, but I'm sure they something they can get warm that we can't even afford.

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