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Freddy Sprangler 2
The Freddy Sprangler Show is a talk show that Arthur watches in the episode "Arthur's Family Feud."

On the show, the host Freddy Sprangler asks a woman named Sheryl how she felt when the other woman on the show, Ethal, ran off with her husband, stole all her money, and burned her house down. Sheryl reveals that it made her angry, and she and Ethal try to fight each other while being held back by Freddy's security guards.


  • The show is a parody of The Jerry Springer Show.
  • The woman Sheryl on the show is designed to look exactly like Arthur's former babysitter Mrs. Featherfoffer.
  • Flip Wuttles is a dopoganger of Freddy Sprangler.
  • Freddy Sprangler the host is a parody to Jerry Springer.

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